“darling, it’s not true love unless it never really hurts.” – tmwritings now ki…


“darling, it’s not true love unless it never really hurts.” – tmwritings
now kids and teenagers might love the quote mentioned above. i mean i know i did (i freaking wrote it).
but now that i think about the quote, i realize how naive and dumb i was.
i have grown in these past 3 years, and i can finally say so has my heart.
let me tell you something about love. and this is coming from a 20 year old, not a 50 year old philosopher.
but this is what love has taught me.
love in no ways is worth the pain. bloody hell, that is the dumbest line i ever hear. “love is worth the pain.”
shut up. love is not worth the pain. neither is love pain. love is the lightest feeling in the world and the only pain love should ever involve is the ache in your cheeks from smiling/laughing too hard.
people abuse their own hearts, by being into toxic relationships and say stuff like, “he/she is worth it.”
you’re young. you’re allowed to be dumb. but learn after one or two mistakes. if you don’t, only your body will grow.
your heart won’t.
my mother and father are the best couple in my opinion. and is either of them ever in pain? no. but you see, neither are they both exactly the same. hell no. in fact, in a lot of things they are the exact opposite.
but compromise you see, that’s what keeps them together. and this is not the compromise which comes because there is no choice and you have to deal with the other persons shit so might as well.
this is the compromise that comes from inside, by yourself. a compromise in which not one side, but both parties win.
i really pray people in toxic love/relationships soon know their worth and get out of it. and i really hope our hearts grow with our bodies as well. XX