Live Cricket Score – England vs Australia, 2nd ODI, 2020


Live Score Updates

Australia 207-10 (48.4 Ovs)

Josh Hazlewood  7 (10)

England 231-9

Adil Rashid  9.4-0-67-1

Jofra Archer finished with figures of 10-1-34-3.

Jofra Archer finished with figures of 10-1-34-3. © AFP

RESULT: England win by 24 runs

What they said:

Aaron Finch: We always knew it was going to be a tough wicket for the new batsmen to start on. England squeezed really well but yeah, bitterly disappointed. We weren’t 100 percent committed to our plans and need to get better at that. They (Rashid and Tom Curran) played really nicely but I thought we bowled a bit wider to them as well. We knew that it would be challenging to play on used pitches. Not the most ideal surface for the one-day game but no excuses. There was a good balance between bat and ball, which is not usual these days.

Eoin Morgan: This win is certainly a confidence booster for us. The way we bowled and also the way the bowlers batted for us at the back end. It’s the best we’ve bowled for a while. Used the conditions really well. Full credit to the guys. Rashid didn’t have his best day but came down well at the end to take the final wicket. (on bowling out Archer and Woakes) The only way we were going to win the game was by taking wickets and we had to go all out. The bowlers made me look good with their performances.

And then there were none…

Alex Carey tried, right till the end but he was left with too much to do by that inexplicable collapse. He charges Adil Rashid, misses the googly and is stumped for 36.

England win by 24 runs. Somehow, they are still alive in this series. It sets us up for a thrilling finale on the 16th. That’ll be played on a new pitch. But how soon can Finch & Co. erase this from their mental hard-drive? It’s not the first time they’ve snatched defeat from the jaws of victory this season.

Tune in for that game. Until then, ciao!

All up to Carey

Sam Curran foxes Zampa with a slower ball and he spoons a simple catch to Archer at mid-off. 55 needed from 36. England one wicket away from sealing a dramatic victory!

60 needed off 48

Carey has to go for it now! Singles off the first or the second ball and turning the strike over to Zampa won’t cut it.


Australia! It’s happening again. A wild hack from Cummins, not wise on this surface. An inside edge clatters into the stumps. Starc comes in, goes chasing after the first ball, nicks off. It’s all down to Carey, but he has been passive so far. What a comeback!

A big shot

From Pat Cummins. It had just become run-a-ball and the tall pacer tonks one off Rashid into those empty chairs behind the sight-screen. Cummins will have atone for his bad 49th over. Hang in there with Carey.

ANOTHER ONE: 4 for 3!

The game has turned on its head. Woakes has cleaned up Maxwell. Almost identical to how he knocked over Finch. Maxwell plays inside the line and loses his stump. From 144/2 to 147 for 6.Both Woakes and Archer are now done

Archer: 10-1-34-3

Australia need 82 off 90

OUT! Woakes takes out Finch

Ok Australia have 3/1 and the game has turned here. Woakes has taken two of those including this big wicket of Finch. The Australian captain has played around a straight ball and has been castled. Very good 73 but not a great time to get out. Will the ghosts of that first T20I come to haunt Australia again. Just 1 overs left for Archer and Woakes!

OUT! One brings two

Morgan gives Jofra another (his 9th) and he gives him another wicket. A bit of an indifferent bounce. Keeps low and Mitch Marsh plays it on. That’s the third for Archer. Finch is still there… In comes Alex Carey.

OUT! Woakes breaks century stand

No wonder Morgan was willing to finish off 8 overs of both his strike bowlers at this stage of the game. Chris Woakes gets one to nip back to Labuschagne. Marnus is trapped in his crease and misses with his flick. Surprising the umpire ruled that not-out. It’s plumb and DRS confirms it.

Marnus falls for 48. End of a 107-run stand. Australia need another 88 runs. Mitchell Marsh is the new man in.

100-run stand; Target under 100

A stunning shot from Labuschagne to bring up the 100-run partnership. Walks across his stumps and pulls Woakes behind square for a four. Only 95 to win from here off 126 balls. No wonder Morgan has given Archer another one in this spell… England’s gun bowler will be 8 down after this one.

England’s lack of potency forces Morgan’s hand

Archer comes back for his second spell. If he even bowls two here, he’ll be done with 7 overs. But there is no point saving his overs up. If England don’t take wickets now, there will be no death overs in this game.

A chance…

A small one, but these are the ones that need to stick if England have a chance here. Rashid tosses another one up, Finch drills it right back. The ball bursts past Rashid’s attempts at closing his fingers. Long off has no chance. Finch moves to 62

50 for Finch; 100 for Australia

Gets to the mark by putting away a freebie. Rashid drags one down and down the legside, Finch just needs to get a little bat on that and it rolls away. England looking very flat right now. Seem out of options. Superb innings, very good partnership.

Rashid attack withdrawn

3-0-27-0 for the leggie and that’s ought to worry Morgan, who now has the Curran brothers operate in tandem. No real pressure on Marnus or Finch. The pair has put on 50 for the 4th wicket.

Wait, it’s a only a brief break. Rashid gets a change of ends. England need a wicket quickly.

Australia steady now

Some superb batting against spin by Finch. Shows how good he is. Nice little hand from Labuschagne as well. Just keeping things ticking at his end. Australia 75/2 from 16 overs at Drinks.

Finch has 38 from 53.

Finch v Rashid

should be a very interesting battle. Rashid’s obviously got Finch out with a googly in this tour. The Australian captain, however, has made the early statement here – stepping down and golfing a ball into the stands for a six. Finch and Marnus looking to keep it busy out here.

England a little sloppy, at the moment. A no-ball because of only four players in the ring, gives Finch another boundary. Partnership building steadily. 14 overs 66/2

Finch key from here

Australia are 44/2 after 10 overs. Run-rate is not a problem, but the two wickets are. They probably have just one more over from Archer, at most two. Finch and Labuschagne can build from here.

Yes, Archer’s first spell is done. 5-0-22-2. But here comes a different challenge: Adil Rashid!

OUT! Archer gets a second

Stoinis has no answer to this snorter from Archer. Can’t get out of the way – this is 90mph. Off the handle and a simple catch for Buttler. Tasty stuff!

England are in this. Australia 37/2 after 9 overs. Marnus is the new man in

Some serious heat served up by Archer

A 91mph short ball has gone to the boundary off Finch’s helmet. Routine concussion tests will be performed. The Australian skipper is in a contest with Archer out here. Short balls are on the menu! Oooh!

OUT! Archer gets Warner again

The fourth time on this tour. Archer has Warner’s number, for sure. This is a pacy delivery angled across Warner. It’s also close to the off-stump so Warner can’t free his arms. It’s a tentative poke that is gobbled up by Buttler. The early wicket England wanted.

Australia 10/1 after 4 overs. Stoinis in at No.3

CHASE: Can Australia seal the series here?

England will need early wickets. They’ll hope Archer’s wood over Warner (dismissed thrice on this tour already) will help set the early tone.

England finish strong; Get 231 on the board

Excellent 76-run stand for the 9th wicket between Adil Rashid and Tom Curran. 53 runs in the final four overs. Have Australia let it slip a little or has the 9th wicket stand only put the top-order failure in perspective?

What do you think?

Crucial partnership ongoing

Tom Curran and Adil Rashid adding what could turn out to be very important runs here. Especially with Rashid’s leg spinners to come in the second innings. Can they fight with 200?

Woakes’s vigil ends

Pressure was building on him to do all the scoring. Tries an expansive drive off Hazlewood. Nicks off. A good 26 for him, but England are now 150/8


An afternoon to forget thus far. Zampa gets a third, a nice dipping delivery gets under Billings’s bat, who was shaping to cut. Starc then takes out Sam Curran. England in all sorts of trouble now at 143/7. Risk of getting bowled out.

Woakes looking good

Has fond memories of this ground. Won a superb Test match against Pakistan earlier this summer. Where Billings is struggling for timing, Woakes has already hit three boundaries, two of them off Zampa. Another 15 overs to go. 250 will be targeted.

OUT! Zampa takes charge; Morgan departs

Another smart move. This time with the DRS call. Zampa gets one to straighten on the England captain, umpire rules it not-out, presumably expecting it to have pitched outside leg. Carey convinces Finch for the review. And sees three reds in return!

Huge wicket. Morgan’s about the only batsman to have looked comfortable today. Gone for a 52-ball 42. England 117/5 in 29 overs.

250 seems far away now. What can Woakes and Billings do from here?

OUT! Half a step front and another step back

Just when it seemed like Morgan was leading a mini counter-attack – he hit three fours off four deliveries – England have slipped behind once more. And that is down to a sharp tactical move from Finch to bring on Cummins.

Cummins zips one back into Jos Buttler and pings him in front of the stumps. Umpire rules him out immediately and Buttler takes a hopeful review. The review is retained because of Umpire’s call but his wicket isn’t.

England 107/4 in 26 overs

OUT! Zampa removes Root

Talk about instant impact. Takes three balls for Zampa to get into the game. Tosses one up, luring Root into the drive. The ball spins ever so little to take the edge and Finch takes a sharp catch at slip. Root laboured for his 39 (73) but the half-century stand has now been ended.

England 91/3 in 23 overs. Here’s Jos, the Boss!

50 Partnership

Stoinis the man with a bull’s eye on his back. Root steps down the track – partly because of the slow nature of the pitch – and swats him into the stands. The fifth bowler has now conceded 20 in 2 overs. Root and Morgan have added 50 for the third wicket. Engrossing stuff.

Finally, here’s Zampa! We’ll see if spin comes in to play here. Remember, Morgan’s asked for slow and spinning surfaces to prepare for the next 50-over World Cup in England.

#HaveYourSay What’s a winning total here?

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20 overs: England 69/2

Will Root, Morgan attack the fifth bowler

That is Marcus Stoinis – in the order of introduction into the attack. Morgan goes for an authoritative pull straight away, it’s not too far away from a fielder at deep square leg, who puts in a valiant dive. But it’s a much-needed boundary. The run-rate still hovering at 3.30.

Two maidens in a row

England’s innings going no where at the moment as Mitchell Marsh and Pat Cummins bowl two maidens on the trot. In fact, England don’t score a run for 15 balls either side of the drinks break.

A Labuschagne misfield allows them some breathing space, giving Joe Root his third boundary.

Mitchell Marsh into the attack

A double change in the attack. Can England’s Test and ODI skippers get together in this rebuild.

Meanwhile, a substitute is substituted. Daniel Sams comes in, cops a blow to his hand and has to be replaced on the field by Sean Abbott.

Dividends from a new bat

Joe Root asks for a change of bat. As instant returns go , this is right up there. The first two balls have been sent to the boundary. An uppish swivel pull followed by a gorgeous drive through extra cover. From 2 off 28, Root is up to 12 off 31.

Cummins may have just released the pressure there with a loose first over.

10 overs done…

England are 32/2 with rebuilding to be done. Joe Root will have to get a move on at some point. He’s 3 off 25 right now. And time for the first bowling change of the day. Pat Cummins replaces Mitchell Starc.

Eoin Morgan is here…

And Australia have a man at leg gully for him against Starc. Watch out for his trigger movements to the legside. Planting the idea of a short ball in his head.

OUT! Jason Roy caught short of his crease

A superb piece of fielding by Marcus Stoinis at cover. Root taps and runs and Roy responds. Stoinis charges, picks the ball and in that fluid motion, knocks down the stumps at the striker’s end. Roy well short of his crease.

Looked good for a while there Roy, but still no good score for him. England 29/2 in the 8th over.

Meanwhile, Joe Root, who has inside one on to his knee (ouch) is under severe duress out in the middle. 2 off 18 currently, unable to put away even the occasional freebie.

OUT! Starc takes out Bairstow

A seven-ball duck for Jonny Bairstow. The England opener hasn’t faced Starc yet in this game and is playing for the one that comes in. This one angles across him. Takes the edge on the way to the keeper. England 20/1 in the fifth over.

Here’s Joe Root!

Roy breaks free against Hazlewood

The break his rhythm ploy. Roy charges the metronome and squeezes one through extra cover. Two more boundaries follow in the over, one whipped away behind square and another punched past point. Confidence building?

Hazlewood from the other end…

Found great success on this track bowling Test match lengths two days ago. Will England play the situation or try to hit him out of his lengths?

Bairstow has a couple of wafts, gets nowhere with it and Hazlewood begins with a maiden.

Starc to start. Roy and Bairstow are out in the middle

Mitchell Starc is fully fit, Australia reckon. He was hobbling a bit and had a bit of a knee brace on. He’s straight away asking questions of the England batsman, gets one to bend back into Jason Roy and beats the batsmen for pace and and the umpire gives Roy out.

But this was not a full delivery and this is Old Trafford, a ground with good bounce on offer. Roy has those details mapped out in his head and reviews. Wickets missing comfortably.

Roy needs a score in ODI cricket…

TOSS: Nope, Smith IS NOT back

For precautionary reasons. Australia are playing an unchanged team on an unchanged pitch. They’ve lost the toss here though and Morgan wants to apply scoreboard pressure on the opposition.

The England skipper has made two changes. The Curran brothers have come in for Mark Wood and Moeen Ali!

“It’s the same wicket as the other day. It might potentially get a little bit worse this afternoon. It probably didn’t spin as much as we thought it was going to [on Friday] but if you hit the right area, there’s a bit on offer” – EOIN MORGAN

Steve Smith should be back

ICYMI: Australia’s superstar batsman has cleared two concussion tests and is available for selection.

Preview – Old brand vs England’s brand of ODI cricket

Is what it was in the opening game. Australia beat England playing a brand of steady, calculated cricket that the hosts so clearly moved beyond during their ODI revolution over the last five years.

Will that prompt a rethink of strategies from Eoin Morgan in case lightning does strike twice? Our man Bharat Sundaresan discusses the concept in his preview.

Prelude – Can Australia inflict a series defeat on the World Champs?

They’ve won two on the bounce on this tour (remember the last T20I) after losing the first two. So safe to assume the Aussies have slowly shaken off their rust. They are one game away from an ODI series win. And what a win that’ll be.

England haven’t lost a bilateral ODI series at home since 2015. And who beat them then? Australia, of course.

On that note, welcome to the second ODI of the series. Strap yourself in, grab some snack and ready yourself for a ride!

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