There should have been more improvements as a team: Mominul


"No matter how big the opponent is, we should win matches on our home turf" - Mominul

“No matter how big the opponent is, we should win matches on our home turf” – Mominul © AFP

Bangladesh’s Test skipper Mominul Haque admitted they are yet to fulfill the expectations as a team inspite of completing 20 years in Test cricket but added that they can take inspiration from the individual performances to excel in the future.

Out of the 119 matches that Bangladesh have played so far, they have won 14 Tests and secured 16 draws while losing 89 matches. Mominul voiced his opinion when quizzed regarding their journey in Test cricket till now.

”Honestly I think, as a team, we didn’t go where we expected. We have to admit it. There should have been more improvements as a team,” Mominul told Fame Dubai.

”However, there are some positive aspects. You have to be inspired by these positive aspects. There was a lot of improvement from the personal aspects. Personally, there are many good performances.

We have a few double centurions. We have many bowlers who have grabbed five-wicket hauls. There is a hat-trick. I would say there are a lot of positive sides from the personal performance,” he added.

Mominul reckoned that their current track record at home is a major boost, considering it was not the same a few years back and now they need to constantly win games at home.

”Another thing that has improved is that we were not used to winning at home soil but now everyone has it inside them that we are very effective on our home turf. Further improvements should be made here. It seems to me that no matter how big the opponent is, we should win the matches on our home turf.

Not too much but I think there has been some improvement. The improvement will be clearer if we win a series at home. Now we are winning the matches more or less,” said the 28-year old.

With the latest postponement of the Sri Lanka tour due to COVID-19 pandemic, Bangladesh have so far missed eight Tests this year due to the virus; one away Test against Pakistan in April and a two-Test series against Australia in June followed by two Test matches against New Zealand along with the three-match Test series against Sri Lanka.

Mominul added that he was disappointed to lose the opportunity of playing so many Tests but revealed that his team mates should be prepared mentally to make the most out of it when the opportunity arrives.

”I think it was an opportunity which we missed, it was a great opportunity as a team. It was a chance to contribute as a captain in eight Tests. Obviously it feels bad. This is normal. Every person has some plan,” opined Mominul.

”Again, it is not logical to be too frustrated because everything is dependent on the current situation as it is controlling everything. Not everything is possible at this time. Even if not now, there is a chance that these Tests will take place later because these are part of the ICC Test Championship. We should be prepared both mentally and physically so that whenever the chance comes we can grab it,” he stated.

”Anyone would be disappointed as a Test cricketer and if you are not disappointed, you must be feeling like a robot. On the contrary, one can think that if he is injured he can be out for six to seven months. Not being able to play is a matter of frustration. The better one can adapt it quickly, will be better,” Mominul concluded.

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