Turkey : The patient, who was thought to be dead and received condolences, beat the corona

Cömert, who has been a tradesman in Edirne for 35 years, explained that they lived before and after the treatment process in Sultan Murat 1 State Hospital.

Generous, said:

* I am the first to go to the hospital with the suspicion of Corona virus and the one who leaves the hospital last. When I went to the hospital, I was told that I should be hospitalized immediately. After hospitalization, tests were performed.


* The result of my first corona virus test was negative. But I had no improvement. My fever was high and I had difficulty breathing. The second analysis was done and the result was negative again. But I got worse. In the third analysis, the result was positive.

* During this period, I spent 6 days in the hospital. After 6 days, they were transferred to another department. It turns out that I went to intensive care. I don’t remember the 45-day period there. I was intubated for 37 days, I fought. No drugs left unused. All new medicines have been tried on me.

* The last stem cell application was made. Two stem cells, one from Kayseri and the other from Eskişehir. They answered and after the intensive care, I moved to the normal department. I slept there for 28 days. I stayed in the hospital for a total of 80 days. In other words, I am one of the first patients, the longest and lastest patients.

Rahmi CömerT (PHOTO: SÖZCÜ)


* During that time, many claims about ‘gone and gone’ have been spoken about us. Head phones have often come to our home.

* My brother goes to the hospital and says he wants to see me. Someone there was said to have died two days ago. Of course, my brother also reacted by saying, ‘I don’t know how this would happen.’ Then they calmed him down and took him to the doctor. The doctor said that my condition was stable and that I was alive.

* I am very happy now. This is my second life. Thank God I got rid of it. Nobody should underestimate this event. It’s a really difficult process. I have no problems with my illness. I’m very good right now.


Serpil Kuyumcuoğlu, one of the customers who conveyed his wish to Cömert in his business, said “There are many rumors about Rahmi Bey. We heard that he passed away. But we learned that he did not die and we were very happy. ”