The father who closed his children in the cellar is charged with sexual abuse!

The preparatory trial, which was not attended by 67-year-old van D., who stayed in a prison hospital near The Hague because of a brain hemorrhage, was held in the Assen Court of the Netherlands.

According to the news in the BBC Turkish, the prosecutor’s office accused Gerrit Jan van Dorsten of deprivation of liberty, ill-treatment and money laundering, whose eldest 6-year-old child, 6, has been forced into the cellar of the farmhouse for 9 years.

The prosecutor reported that van D. had also sexually abused a boy and a girl who did not live on the farm.

The prosecutor stated that the children who gave information about the abuse were between the ages of 12 and 15 when they were subjected to abuse. Her son explained that his father was aware that he was doing something bad and locked the door after making sure that no one was around.

Decision in the case of abuse in the Quran course!Decision in the case of abuse in the Quran course!


According to the prosecutor, 6 children who were forcibly kept on the farm were never registered in the population.

The children were disconnected from the outside world on the grounds that “if they come into contact with the outside world, their bodies will be captured by evil spirits”.

Children were often punished by holding sticks, and sometimes in a cold bath for hours.

The punishment given to the pervert who abused the little girl shockedThe punishment given to the pervert who abused the little girl shocked


The prosecution also stressed that the source of the 97,000 euros on the farm is still undetectable.

Austrian Jozef B., who officially rented the farm where 6 children were held in Ruinerwold, argued that he did not deprive anyone of liberty and said, “It looks like a witch pain. “If someone believes in God, isn’t it his own decision?”

It was stated that Father Gerrit Jan van D. and Josef B. had previously been members of the Moon cult, then left and established their cult.

His lawyer requested the release of Josef B. The court decided to file a case against Gerrit Jan van D. and Josef B. and to investigate neurologically and neuropsychologically from Van D., who was said to be unable to speak because of a brain hemorrhage.

Six children, aged between 18 and 25 years old, who were reported to have been held for 9 years in a cellar in the farm in the town of Ruinerwold in the Drenthe district, were rescued by the police on October 16, and placed in a safe place on the request of help from the older brother who escaped the farm.

What symptoms are seen in abused children?What symptoms are seen in abused children?