Turkey : 12 Junian Friday sermon has been published! Friday Sermon: Be sure, be sure of all sorts!

Friday, the most precious day of the week for Muslims, came. The Religious Affairs Directorate shared its Friday sermons with the citizens this week as every Friday. The subject of this week’s Friday sermon was determined as “Become a member, be sure! Here is the Friday sermon and details of the Religious Affairs Directorate General of Religious Affairs published this week (12 June).



Honorable Muslims!

A Companion came to our Prophet and said to him, “O Messenger of God, give me such advice about Islam so that I do not need to ask anyone else about it.” Upon this, our beloved Prophet (pbuh) said: “I believed in God, and then be straight.”

Saint Believers!

The purpose of man’s creation is servantism, his most important duty is to believe in the existence and unity of God, and then to live directly as a requirement of this faith. Because when faith embraces hearts, it is reflected in emotions, thoughts and behaviors. It leads the person to truth and truth, honesty and direction. That’s when a believer lives a peaceful and dignified life. In both worlds he is sure of trouble and grief. He gets taqwa and divine pleasure.

Precious Muslims!

Direction; Perseverance in faith and loyalty to faith. Obedience to Allah Almighty is to respect the Messenger of Allah. Its essence is to be a word, to look as it is, and to be as it seems. Direction; to be free of swearing and shirk, to avoid sin and rebellion. To stay away from mischief and mischief is to combat the extreme desires of the nafs and the devil’s will.

Dear Believers!

A resident believer does not compromise accuracy. He doesn’t bend his word, never lie. It protects justice and does not tend to injustice. He is well-intentioned and sincere, does not show humbleness. It does its job solid and beautiful; it does not encourage fraud. With his love and respect for the Creator, he shows mercy to the creator and does not hurt any life. He lives as his son-in-law. Saint knows how to gain the consent of Allah from any gain. He lives in the consciousness that his Lord sees and hears everything hidden or obvious and will take his servants into account. I conclude my sermon with the gospel of our Almighty Lord: “There is no fear or sadness for those who say that our Lord is Allah and then be straight ahead.”

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