Turkey : A driver turned the battlefield in Sultangazi

The incident occurred in Sultangazi, 50 Yıl Mahallesi, at 22.45 at night. Allegedly, O. Ö. The driver, named for an unknown reason, proceeded by hitting a large number of vehicles parked in the streets. When the surrounding citizens hit the vehicles and saw the driver, he immediately informed the police teams. Upon the notice, police teams also started working to catch the driver.

It crashed into vehicles in the park, did not get off the vehicle

Meanwhile, O. Ö. When the driver named B came to B, he stopped crashing a parked vehicle. Citizens in the environment reacted to the driver inside the vehicle and tried to lynch. Drive O. Ö. On the other hand, he continued to press the gas towards the vehicle he shot. There was a fire in the engine part of the car of the driver who stepped on the gas for a while. Police teams coming to the scene also informed the fire brigade teams. Some citizens around also tried to extinguish the fire in the vehicle. Fire crews coming to the scene put out the fire in the vehicle. Police teams detained the driver he had downloaded in the vehicle and took him to the police station.


Police teams carried out detailed crime scene work in the driver’s vehicle. In addition, police teams received information from neighborhood residents and citizens whose vehicles were damaged to determine the number of vehicles hit by the driver. After the work of the police teams, the driver of O. O.

As police teams initiate an investigation to determine whether the driver is taking alcohol or drugs, an investigation into the incident continues. DHA