Turkey : Another 257 citizens were quarantined in Sakarya!

Turkish citizens living abroad continue to be brought to the country due to the corona virus epidemic that occurs in China and affects the whole world.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu by 3 thousand 358 citizens from 7 countries will be brought to Turkey was announced.

In this context, 25 truck drivers engaged in international transportation entered the country from Karasu Port with Ro-Ro ship.

After the first health screenings at the port, the drivers were placed in their dormitory rooms, which were kept ready in the dormitory after the health checks they had in Arif Nihat Asya Student Dormitory, which belongs to the Credit and Dormitories Institution in Serdivan district of Sakarya.

After the checks at the airport, which was brought to Istanbul Airport by plane from Uzbekistan, 232 people were brought to Abdurrahman Gürses Dormitory, which belongs to the Credit Dormitories Institution in Hendek, Sakarya.

The citizens, who were downloaded from the buses one by one under large security precautions, were placed in separate rooms after passing through health checks again.


On the other hand, the number of quarantined citizens in 6 dormitories belonging to the Credit Dormitories Institution, which began to be brought to Sakarya from abroad at noon on Monday and was made ready by evacuation, reached 749. IHA