Turkey : AXA Insurance and My Home Career signed a business partnership! 20 thousand caregivers can be reached free of charge

Complementary health insurance product of AXA Insurance, “My Health is OK”, now offers free access to the island they are looking for from the pool of more than 20,000 babies, children, elderly, caregivers and game sisters. AXA insured, Turkey’s largest, award-winning and only online babysitter placement service evdekibakıcım 249 per ticket service charge will be able to use the free classifieds service three times a year.


With the signed agreement, AXA Sigorta adds a new one to its work that makes a difference in the sector by adding the Home Career to the additional services it offers to policyholders. In addition, McKinsey’s Insurance Service Changing Assistance Services report also supports the action taken. Underlining that the services that will facilitate the life of the customer in global trends are the determining factors in the selection criteria of the insurance company, it is emphasized that the provision of additional services that the policyholders, who are fully adapted to the digital world, can quickly access when necessary, changes the whole game.
The basis of the cooperation that AXA Sigorta initiated with My Home Caregiver goes back to the old days; AXA Insurance, which offers its employees the product at Home as a subsidiary, decides to offer the same service to its customers based on their employees’ use and satisfaction feedback, and the two parties complete the structural work and take steps. Considering that the employees of a company of 1000 people experience 180,000 hours of cumulative annual loss due to home care needs, this benefit has an important place for both employees and companies.


AXA CEO Yavuz Turkey Ölken, “one of the significant shortage of workers unable to find someone reliable to entrust their children or elderly relatives who need care. This situation may cause a physical and mental burden on women, especially those who are starting to participate in economic life and workforce more, and this situation may be reflected to companies as a loss of labor force. 40 percent of women cannot return to work because they cannot find a carer who will leave their child after birth. As a company consisting of 51 percent of its employees, we understand the need arising in this area. With the perspective of turning into a solution partner that our customers can always trust while fulfilling their dreams, we care about going beyond traditional insurance and offering innovative solutions that will make our customers’ lives easier. Our collaboration with Home Caregiver was also an important strategic partnership. ” said. Olken also said that they consider this cooperation as part of their vision to support new initiatives and start-ups, and they are happy to support an initiative that takes its first steps towards globalization.

Miraç Bal, CEO at Home, said, “We created a global success story and raised the bar by carrying out an innovative study with AXA Insurance. Tens of thousands of AXA Complementary Health Insurance policyholders will now be able to meet their caregiver needs accurately and quickly by using the Home Career platform for free. The part that excites us even more is to support the provision of personalized policies with big data analysis, ”he added, adding that they will create more collaborations in the insurance industry this year.

Pet owners and caregivers are guaranteed by AXAPet owners and caregivers are guaranteed by AXA