Turkey : BM: The trace of a Russian plane was found behind almost every incident

The United Nations (UN) Syrian Independent Investigation Commission has issued a report on the war crimes committed by the Syrian regime and the humanitarian situation in the country.

According to the report announced at a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland, the situation in Syria is getting worse rather than getting better.


“After the past nine years, women, children and all Syrians continue to face increasing and endless suffering and hardships,” said UN’s Syrian Independent Investigation Commission President Paulo Pinheiro at a press conference.


“The regime, which declared that it was fighting terrorism, killed dozens of civilians and caused injuries in Idlib due to air and ground attacks,” Pinheiro said. Civilian areas, market places, civil refuge camps and especially hospitals were targeted in these attacks. ”

At the press conference held in Geneva, Pinheiro said the attacks underlined by the regime and their partners who supported the regime were also responsible, “These are the attacks that disregard international law and values. Prohibited weapons are used. ”


Explaining that data was collected for the report by applying different methods, the commission’s statement said, “A trace of a Russian plane was found behind almost every event.”

The report specifically refers to two attacks in the Maarat al-Numan region of Idlib, while another attack on the Haas asylum-seeker camp, 8 of which were women and 6, in which 63 civilians died in one of the other and 43 civilians died, houses were destroyed, workplaces were destroyed. 20 civilians, including children, were reported dead.


In the statement, which stated that the regime’s attacks did not leave anything other than fleeing the civilian population, it was reported that approximately one million civilians, mostly women and children, migrated to the north-west regions under heavy winter conditions.

In the statement, it was stated that more than 3 million people were stuck with the Idlib crisis, the situation was turning into a human drama, and the children of the families who had to flee were determined to freeze from the cold, but the parties continued to prevent intervention in this situation.


Members of the investigative commission called for the people in the region to urgently deliver aid to end the humanitarian crisis, and that the parties show the respect needed to provide the necessary assistance to those in need. In addition, the international community has been called for the development of conditions for the protection of civilians.

Calling on all parties at the end of the press release, Commission President Pinheiro said, “I call on all parties to engage in a good faith dialogue to put an end to this tragic situation.”

It is stated that the said report will be introduced in detail at the Human Rights Council in Geneva on 10 March. IHA

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