Turkey : Citizens evacuated rebelled against ticket prices!

Citizens who were observed for two weeks in KYK dormitories determined by the Governorship of Istanbul and whose test results were negative were evacuated.

Hundreds of evacuated citizens flocked to a tourism company in Samandıra. Citizens who react to the very high ticket prices said, “We came from Germany, we stayed in the dormitory for 15 days, we were not sick but we will be sick here. I came to 120 liras on arrival, now they are cutting tickets for 350 liras. ”


Many citizens who took their own precautions with masks and gloves stated that they had been waiting at the bus station for a long time and said, “We arrived at 17:00, I do not know how many hours now, we are waiting. I will arrange my ticket on the buses, no tea, no food, nothing. “

A woman going to Antalya said, “We are sick, I will go to Antalya. I don’t have a voice, what will they say when I get a fever? ”He asked.

Another citizen who reacted to ticket prices said, “We canceled the tickets we bought for 190 liras, they sold tickets to Antalya for 300 liras. We are men, we are based on old women, what children will do. They closed us for 14 days, our psychology is already broken. We are infamous with our money. ”

They escaped from quarantine and got caught at the gambling tableThey escaped from quarantine and got caught at the gambling table


İhlas News Agency (İHA) reporter and cameraman, who works at the bus station of a tourism company located in Samandıra, responded “Do you have permission?” The citizens in the environment reacted harshly to the company official who asked. Citizens rebelled against the lack of social distance at the bus station.

An elderly citizen who stated that the ‘social distance’ concept, which was repeatedly announced by the Ministry of Health, was not followed at the bus station, said that they were welcomed 14 days very well, but they were miserable at the bus station, “I came from Sweden, we were hosted very well, they looked beautiful. This is not a cure, this is torture. Look, I’m shaking, I’ve been waiting here for hours. What is this done? Where is one and a half meters distance? ”He asked.

Another citizen broadcasting live from the social media accounts, “These people will be distributed to every part of Turkey if anyone here has already been transmitted to a person. We have been here for four hours. ”

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An elderly woman, taking the precautionary measure of corona virus, said:

* We will go to Ankara, neither ticket nor anything else. “Another citizen showed the ticket he bought,” Look at friends, he would get up at 21.00, 22.00 still did not. They gave 350 Turkish Liras a ticket. We are very victims, these people have been kept in the cold for five hours

Another citizen who rebelled that the ticket for 100 lira increased to 300 lira, said, “Where did the 100 lira ticket cost 300 lira, get 200 lira 300 lira. The people are already in a difficult situation. ” He used his expressions.

Evacuation from quarantine dormitories in Istanbul startedEvacuation from quarantine dormitories in Istanbul started


While a large number of police teams were working in and around the bus station, the teams affiliated to the Riot Force Branch were kept ready for any kind of negativity.

According to the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior, buses can take half as many passengers as their current capacity; The police checked the buses until the moment of departure and ensured that the ban was followed.

Police teams, who intervened in the harsh discussions between the officials of the tourism company and the citizens, tried to calm the angry citizens. (UAV)

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