Turkey : “Cologne” suggestion against Corona virus!

Professor of Infectious Diseases, Sakarya University Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Oğuz Karabay made a statement regarding the ‘coronavirus’ that emerged in China and caused great fear throughout the world.

Professor Dr. Karabay said, “The ‘coronaviruses’ have been known for many years and we know as ‘cold’ factor from years ago; viruses that attach to our nose, throat and mucous membranes in our eyes. We have seen that these viruses were a disease requiring intensive care as a South Korean origin virus named SARS in 2002-2003. ”

Stating that the main source of Corona Viruses is animals. Dr. Karabay used the following statements:

* The main source of coronavirus are animals. Basically, people pass their first origin through some animals. For example, various animals such as camels and bats in MERS can infect people with these factors.

* 2019 ‘coronavirus’ is slightly different and more mutated than ‘coronavirus’ to date. The existence of this virus was accepted by the World Health Organization in December 2019. It is believed that its origin is animals, and an origin passes through animals.

0 This virus can cause infections in the respiratory tract in humans, but it feels like every contaminant will be in intensive care, killing every contaminant. It can be lethal in some people, but according to the data obtained, 98 of the 100 people who close this virus are not deadly.

Professor Dr. Oğuz Karabay (DHA)


Saying that the colony is the easiest alcoholic disinfectant available, Professor. Dr. Karabay said:

Of course, we will take every precaution to prevent infection. We will take all precautions. We will wash our hands more. Currently no cases have been reported in Turkey, but will wear a mask if we wash our hands and plenty of diseased one reported.

* There is a very good habit in our Turkish society; cologne. The simplest reached alcohol, let’s use cologne more in our homes and workplaces, and always be with us, but we should never get into the mood of fear and panic.

* No cases of new ‘coronavirus’ originated in our country have been reported so far, but they can be transmitted by respiratory particles and one of the easiest ways to be transmitted to us is dirty hands. We must wash our hands with water or soap for 20 seconds or clean them with alcohol-based disinfectants.

* Even if we cannot do these, cologne is very effective in preventing the transmission of these viruses. Because they can disappear immediately with hand disinfectants such as enveloped viruses and alcohol.

How does the Corona virus affect the human body?How does the Corona virus affect the human body?


Stating that they found the measures taken by the Ministry of Health on site and stating that they have checked the students of Sakarya University who have traveled from China or the region in the last 14 days. Dr. Karabay said:

* Our Ministry of Health has the capacity to carry out the necessary diagnostic procedures in its own laboratories. The measures taken by the Ministry of Health from the very beginning are necessary and sufficient.

* Currently, influenza A and B types are traveling all over the world, so we can have flu all the time. Are we afraid of the flu? No. The flu can be fatal in some patients, just like ‘coronavirus’. The ways to be protected from both are the same.

* Hygiene is enough to stay away from those who are seen to be sick and wear a mask. In addition, with the prediction of Sakarya University Rectorate, we have checked university students traveling in China in the last 14 days and have not reached any risk factor. (DHA)

How is the corona virus transmitted? Is there a vaccine for the Corona virus, what are the symptoms?How is the corona virus transmitted? Is there a vaccine for the Corona virus, what are the symptoms?