Turkey : Corona quarantine at the Iranian border! Drivers rebelled…

After the Iranian Government closed the Lütfabad Border Gate with the concern of the corona virus, 1,200 TIR drivers have been stranded at the border for 15 days. Iran, which prohibits the passage of TIR drivers who carry supplies and industrial products and want to move to Turkmenistan, does not allow the passage of the drivers they have received their TIR carrels. The drivers who wanted to make their voices heard by the authorities reached the Whatsapp Notification Line.

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“Do not go out of your parking lot,” the Iranian authorities wrote in a written statement to the TIR drivers with a bad Turkish. Criminal proceedings will be made where any foreign driver appears in Lütfabad. ”

Photo: SÖZCÜ


After the writing of this article, a driver who made a video recording and sent it to sozcu.com.tr addressed President Erdoğan and the ministers, saying, “They left us to die here.” The Turkish driver said, “Your citizens are stuck here. Those who have hung this article everywhere can not get out of this park. So what are we? Aren’t we citizens? Mashhad Consulate, where are you? Set up a tent, bring a doctor, take care of the nation. If you do not support us, if you want us to die here, do not distract us, we will take care of ourselves. ”

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Saying that “Psychology is over, psychology is over, extend your help to us as soon as possible”, the driver said, “If you are taking 124 businessmen from Tehran, you will get 800 drivers from here. Enough we can’t say anything anymore. We want to meet our children, who are alive, as soon as possible. We are quarantined. We do not know who has a disease and who has a mask. ”

Photo: SÖZCÜ


Another driver we talked to said that Turkish officials had come to their location, but said that they could not open the doors themselves because of the concern of the corona virus, and that they were working for the solution of the issue.