Turkey : Corona virus precaution taken at Istanbul Palace of Justice

At the Istanbul Palace of Justice in Çağlayan, a fever-measuring measure was taken against the corona virus. In the courthouse where non-emergency files were postponed until April 14 due to the Corona virus epidemic, only one-door access is allowed since last Friday.

A security guard on duty at the C gate of the courthouse measures the fire of all citizens, including police officers who have been detained at the courthouse. While those with normal fever are taken inside, those with high fever are not directed inside the health facility.

In addition, people who look old are also checked, and those aged 65 and over are not warned in. In the courthouse, disinfectants were placed at the entrance doors, and cleaning officers were waiting at the door to start squeezing disinfectants to the citizens. (DHA)

Yesterday, 3 days ago, the corona virus was found in the Istanbul Courthouse in Çağlayan, in the Anatolian Courthouse in Kartal, Istanbul.

Corona quarantine in Istanbul CourthouseCorona quarantine in Istanbul Courthouse Corona test result was positive ... 4 courts closed in Anatolian CourthouseCorona test result was positive … 4 courts closed in Anatolian Courthouse