Turkey : Corruption investigation in the municipality is growing! Three more …

Vefa Salman, the Mayor of Yalova, CHP, filed a criminal complaint after Reşat Ergin, who worked in the accounting unit of the institution, embezzled 1 million 428 thousand liras in the safe.

Authorities, who examined the bank accounts of the municipality, determined that Ergin transferred money to a front company periodically. Within the scope of the investigation, the municipality’s Financial Affairs Manager Şenay Reyhan Kaş and escaped Reşat Elgin were detained. Kaş and Ergin, who were transferred to the courthouse after their interrogation, were arrested for embezzlement and forgery in the official document. The owner of the front company, Bekir Bilgi, who is claimed to have transferred the money, was also arrested after being detained.


Reşat Ergin, in his statement to the police; He claimed that the 32 transactions under investigation were carried out by the order of Deputy Mayor Halit Güleç. Güleç and two others were detained on allegations. Güleç, whose interrogation was completed and sent to the courthouse, was arrested by the court where he was taken.


Güleç’s driver Buğra Ergün, secretary Bahar Taşkömür and a company employee Orhan G., who were found to be involved in the embezzlement, were referred to the courthouse.

Yalova Mayor Vefa Salman (PHOTO: SÖZCÜ)


Stating that the judicial process is continuing, Vefa Salman of Yalova Mayor CHP said:

* The suspicion of the people working in Yalova Municipality has forced me to make this statement. Corruption made here is not possible to be a figure of 22 million as mentioned.

* A ‘spending officer’ staff working in the Financial Services Department since 2001, with professionalism that even the auditors of the Court of Accounts cannot detect; From April 2018 to January 2020, our municipality defrauded 1 million 428 thousand liras.

* As soon as the information was given to me, the necessary instruction was immediately given to the friends. Administrative investigation has been initiated within the municipality. Certainly, he was appointed and then a criminal complaint was made to both the Police Headquarters and the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

* It is extremely meaningful that this issue belongs to the Republican People’s Party, to which I am a member. Since 2014, by calculating even one lira, we have paid Yalova’s money and Yaloval’s money to the penny penny, and we will continue to do so.

New development in giant corruption in the municipality! Vice president arrestedNew development in giant corruption in the municipality! Vice president arrested