Turkey : Decision to capture about Belgian model Papen posing naked in Hagia Sophia

There was a new development in the investigation about the Belgian model Marisa Papen, posing naked by entering hijab in the Hagia Sophia Museum and removing her bed sheet and lying on the Turkish flag in Cappadocia.

The prosecutor’s office issued an arrest warrant against Papen, who was being investigated for “deceiving acts” and “publicly humiliating the signs of sovereignty of the state”.


In Jerusalem and in Egypt arrested for posing as given in the land sacred and then released Marisa Papen with fines, 2018 came to Turkey by removing the sheets enter the hijab in Hagia Sophia has posed nude and had also slept on top of the Turkish flag in Cappadocia.

Hagia Sophia in Turkey on Paper, Cappadocia, some citizens due to Eminönü and taken nude photos of the Bosphorus had complained to the prosecutor.


Thereupon, he started an investigation against Marisa Papen by the Istanbul Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office for the crimes of “acting in vain actions” and “publicly humiliating the signs of sovereignty of the state”. The prosecutor’s office issued a arrest warrant for Papen’s testimony.