Turkey : Demand may be delayed in the long run… – Sözcü Newspaper

Many sectors have been affected by the bad situation due to the recent Corona virus outbreak. Although production in the Turkish automotive industry continues without disruptions or changes, manufacturers in Europe face serious problems. This will have a direct impact on the supply of spare parts and new cars.

When we consider all these details, it is mentioned that there will be some problems in the “rental” sector. Inan Ekici, Chairman of the Board of All Car Rental Organizations Association (TOKKDER) made some statements!


Ekici said, “At the beginning of the questions addressed to us recently, whether the demand for fleet rental has increased due to the epidemic. It is not possible to say that this trend is correct at this stage. However, it is understood from the concentration of traffic especially during business hours that many people started to use their private cars instead of public transportation to prevent disease. Since the outbreak is not permanent, companies or individuals meet their temporary needs by making daily or monthly rentals instead of long-term rentals. As a result, the increase in demand can be observed in more daily rental business in this process. ” said.

TOKKDER Chairman of the Board said, “On the one hand, there is a demand for car rental, on the other hand, there is a contraction in demand due to postponed or canceled travels. In short, while there is an increase in demand for some customer groups, there is a decrease in some groups. Currently, there is no increase in the number of vehicles rented in the daily rental sector compared to the pre-virus period. ” he added.

Inan Ekici, Chairman of the Board of All Car Rental Organizations Association (TOKKDER)

Finally, Ekici said, “At this point,“ Will there be an increase in demand like every year in April? ” “Will the sector be able to catch the growth that is caught every year during the high season?” questions become important. The possibility of contraction in tourism, decrease in the number of foreign tourists and decrease in business trips should be closely monitored in this process. Currently, there is a serious slowdown in daily rental business in Europe, especially in Italy. ” said.


Ekici said, “Hopefully, the measures taken by our state and our society to prevent the spread of the epidemic will take effect and we can overcome this badly. If we evaluate the short term car rental sector, its performance and how it will be affected will depend on the course of the epidemic. ” said.

TOKKDER President İnan Ekici said, “In our country, the short-term car rental sector makes approximately 25-30 percent of its annual turnover from its customers coming from abroad. For this reason, the number of visitors coming from abroad for touristic or business purposes will play a determining role in the performance of the sector. ” said.

Ekici said, “We do not expect a serious negative impact in the long term rental business. Depending on the effect size of the outbreak, there may be some delay in demand. However, if the epidemic disappears in the first half of the year, the long-term leasing sector may face a high demand in the second half of the year, balancing its annual performance. ” said.


Growers finally, “Until now, we did not observe an increase in demand due to the increase of cases in Turkey. While a decrease in demand from some customer groups has been observed, a new customer group has emerged that is geared towards renting a car because it does not prefer public transportation. No negative effect has been observed in the total demand for car rental. However, if the epidemic spreads and its duration extends, there will be a contraction in our sector compared to last year. ” said.