Turkey : Dent in illegal mine: rescue efforts continue for two miners

The quarry, which was sealed and shut down in the District District of Kilimli district 80 days ago, started operating again as a fugitive. Workers named Murat Ovaz and Sebahattin Kalaycı were trapped in the dent that occurred around 23.00 yesterday evening. January owner O.A. was also detained. On the other hand, Zonguldak Governor Erdoğan Bektaş, together with TTK General Manager Kazım Eroğlu and the authorities made investigations in the region.


While the anxious wait of the families continued around January, Zonguldak Governor Erdoğan Bektaş explained the occurrence of the event.

Bektaş said, “This mine was previously closed after a licensed working place. Later, it was sealed again because of illegal work. A stove not to be worked on. These friends intend to work here. And our General Manager explained, there is an accident (at the mine). The hook of the vehicle they are trying to descend comes out and that vehicle is going down by demolishing the stove. One out of 3 people comes back. 2 people have been stranded there since evening. 2 of our workers are waiting there for their relatives. TTK team is working. They almost go out, making the furnace all over again, cleaning the debris. They’ve come a long way. Our hope is that they can reach these two workers live and bring them to their relatives ”.


Zonguldak Governor Erdoğan Bektaş said, “Get well soon. May Allah hide from others. May God give us some more ideas. Allow him to work a little more considering the safety rules. This is a 170 meters canal all the hearth They are now down to 140 meters. There is depression, material deposits here. They clean these materials. Either they are probably here or 30 meters down. Hopefully it will be reached soon. Our hope is live, to reach the right. This will make us all happy. May Allah give patience. ”

General Manager of the General Mining Workers Union, Hakan Yeşil, who made investigations in the mining region, said, “Friends, first of all, a mining accident. There has been a work accident in the place that has been run as royalty recently. At the moment, our TTK teams have been mobilized, our colleagues, to take out our friends. The field license has been revoked, and now it looks like a hotplate. Leak cooker truth. Our friends work in an unsafe environment. Accident in this environment. Now, our friends are working hard to get our friends alive as soon as possible. ”