Turkey : Earthquake survivors spend the night at the gym

During the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred last Friday evening in Elazig, severe or moderate damage occurred in many buildings in the city center. Citizens whose houses were damaged during the earthquake or who could not enter their houses due to fear of earthquakes also started to stay in the gym outside the tent cities. While the children were playing with the other children they had in the gym, the elders preferred to read the Quran and rest.


Stating that it is not possible to describe that moment, Harun Çelik said, “It is important to live in that moment. It was a very difficult situation. We cannot tell, we cannot express. Our homes have been damaged. We cannot enter our homes from fear. May Allah be pleased with our state, for it has given us such a place. We will sit and wait. We do not know what will happen in the future. “I have neighbors, I have a wife, I have children, I have relatives.”

Last minute ... A person's lifeless body was removedLast minute … A person’s lifeless body was removed

Songül Yalçın, who stayed in the gym, said, “They are giving food, they are interested. We cannot enter because our houses are damaged ”.

İbrahim Selvitopu, who stated that there were cracks in their houses, said, “We came here to the collection areas that the municipality offers us because we do not have a life safety. We cannot enter because the walls of the house are cracked. We are afraid of aftershocks. My kids are scared. My wife, my children and relatives stay here together. ” (IHA)