Turkey : Elazığ rents doubled to 2 – current news

Tens of buildings were destroyed in the 6.8 earthquake in Elazig, which has 33 neighborhoods. Many buildings were banned for use with a report of severe and moderate damage. Upon this, earthquake survivors started to stay in tents, schools, gyms, mosques and guesthouses temporarily established in the city.

Immediately after the disaster, sports halls, tents and citizens who took shelter with their relatives whose homes were not damaged began to look for a home. When the demand was high, rents reached unimaginable figures.


Those who had difficulties with the decrease of air temperature especially at night started to search for a rental house to accommodate. After the increasing demand, the price of rental houses in the city has also doubled in an instant. Prices ranging from 700 to 500 pounds, according to its district and square meter, rose to 500 and 2 thousand pounds at a time. Many of the earthquake victims who reacted to the rising rental prices with the increase in demand have been admitted to the situation in order not to be exposed in the winter season. An earthquake telling that they are looking for street street rental houses said, “They demand 2 thousand lira for the house, which was a thousand lira before the earthquake. Unfortunately, instead of helping earthquake survivors, many homeowners turned it into an opportunity. After the earthquake, we were also victimized by opportunists. ”