Turkey : Environmentalists invaded the power plant!

In northern Germany, activist groups protested by forcibly entering a power plant that would run on coal. It is stated that environmental activists named “Ende Ende Gelnde” and “DeCOALonize Europe”, consisting of approximately 150 people, broke the door of the plant and entered.

Activists opened the banner, chanting “We occupied Datteln 4”, “We do not want a new power plant” and “Get out of coal – enter the future”.


While it is seen that the police take intensive security measures from the air and land around the power plant, the statement made by the power plant said, “Freedom of expression is important. There is nothing to say against peaceful protests, but today people illegally entered our power plant in Datteln. Therefore, we reserve the right to take legal action, including unauthorized access. ”

Kathrin Henneberger, spokesperson of the Ende Gelnde activist group, drew attention to the danger, arguing that the coal law was a disaster, and that if the burning of coal continues, the world will get warmer by four to six degrees.

Henneberger said that all coal-fired power plants should be shut down and new ones should not be opened.

The plant, which costs more than 1.5 billion euros and is planned to be transported directly to the power station by ships, is located in the Dortmund-Ems Canal.

On the other hand, the 1100 megawatt power plant is planned to be put into operation in the summer. IHA

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