Turkey : FETÖ response from CHP to Bahçeli! – The latest news

CHP Group Vice President Özel held a press conference at the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Specifically, highlighting the need to take diplomatic steps in Idlib, “Turkey will endanger the lives of soldiers say that any kind of power we need to take steps to climb,” he said.


Addressing MHP President Devlet Bahçeli regarding the political leg of FETÖ, Özel used the following statements;

* The confessors are obvious. Mr. Bahçeli, let everyone think about it. Hamzakoy would fall again if Kılıçdaroğlu was not executed. Mr. President, the dungeon was tall.

* This coup would take account of Kemalists, enlighteners and science advocates. IHA

Erdogan's Kılıçdaroğlu response to FETÖ's political legErdogan’s Kılıçdaroğlu response to FETÖ’s political leg Hard exit from Bahçeli: Burn Syria, collapse Idlib, Damn AssadHard exit from Bahçeli: Burn Syria, collapse Idlib, Damn Assad