Turkey : Friday, March 20 messages: Share short, meaningful and special picture Friday messages!

Good wishes continue to be shared with messages on Friday, which is the most meaningful day of the week for Muslims. It was announced by Diyanet that Friday prayers could not be performed collectively due to an outbreak of corona virus spread worldwide. This week, the corona virus was mentioned in the Friday sermon. On Friday, you can send the most beautiful, short and special picture messages to your loved ones and wish them a good Friday. Here is our news we compiled from Friday messages.


-Language language is not enough to tell, the pen stopped from shame, the pen does not go, no matter what we do; Once we are subjected to a rebellion, save us, O Lord … May your Friday good and blessed …

There is faith where the possibilities end. No matter how big your problem is, there is GOD that is bigger than your problem. Have a Holly Friday.

– O Lord, today, we open an eI to you. Today, all the strips are far from us. Protect us from surprises. Give your happiness, peace and beauty in a good way. And don’t set us apart from the ones we love today. Waiting for your prayers, good Friday.

May the intercession of the rose-faced light Prophet (S.a.v) who salutes his ummah with the light of Allah. Have a Holly Friday.

May your blessings be like a prayer from Allah and a gift from the Prophet! Have a Holly Friday.

-No Hopes Come Day; Gul and Açar Bülbül Öter also… Have a Good Friday.

-God’s mercy and abundance be with you. HAVE A GOOD FRIDAY …

-First the roads stretch to walk to the truth, the buds open roses to see it, there is someone praying for you. pray for GOD too. Have a Holly Friday.

My Allah! Narrowing My Soul, Blackening My Heart, Putting Darda and Searching, Misleading the Right Way, DO NOT MEAL YOU FROM YOU .. (amen ..) Good Friday Fridays

May the hearts be filled with faith, and the hearts will be filled with peace, and all of us will be blessed, neither the bonds established nor the friends will be forgotten.

Angels always have your prayer. Your heart is spacious and your inspiration is abundant. May our beloved prophet be our intercessor. May our Friday be blessed.

-O Lord .. If my destiny is needy.! May he need you, Don’t make me need someone else than you…! Amen .. Good Friday Fridays

-Worship on Friday is given at least twice as much as on any other day. In contrast, sins committed on Friday are also written twice. May Allah accept our cum and prayers.

-Our short life, be blessed enough to deserve eternal paradise. Have a good Friday …

– Even if every heart who finds solace in the friendship of the friends is left behind the Mountains, he would find Consolation not with the eye’s sight, but with the knowledge of a Friend in His Heart! Greetings, fellow hearts and good friday.

-If Friday passes without sound without sin, other days pass with sound .. May Allah accept our Friday and prayers.

-Oh my Lord! May we remind you of you, languages ​​that tell you, bright hearts filled with love. May our Friday be blessed.

-Human is a green leaf, the place where it will fade is black soil. The purpose is not to write, but to remember friends on such a blessed day. Have a good Friday.

-Do not let our Lord leave our hands without the Qur’an, our hearts without belief, our ears overwhelming, our tongue without any unity, and our forehead without prostration. Have a Holly Friday.

Let my Lord be one of the servants who live a dual life, carry his prayer to his life, take the prayer of others and accept the prayer. Have a good Friday.

-My God! Fill the gaps in my heart with such beautiful things; Slice without bone should say nothing other than Allah. Good luck Fridays.

– If Allah closes one door with his wisdom, he opens the other with his mercy. O Lord, open us auspicious doors to this holy Friday. Amine. Good luck Fridays.

My Allah! Opportunity for those who try to put us in possession due to our belief

-My God! I put beads of hope to the rosary of my heart. I took refuge in his mercy by saying ‘AF’ in each shoot. Have a good Friday.

– O our Lord! Accept our prayers to this day and make us one of those who are not allowed to be neighbors of Makam-ı Mahmud. Have a good Friday.

-MeIekIer always be your prayer. Your heart is spacious, your inspiration is empty. Be our loving prophet, our intercessor. May our Friday be blessed.

– If my Lord lives in the world in health, mutiu, peace, and peace, in the Hereafter, you will have the opportunity to live in the garden of paradise to the whole hope of our prophet. Amen and good Friday.

– On Fridays, there is a moment when the prayer will be accepted. Friday’s day is more precious than the night. May God accept our prayer and prayers.

-Do not miss the name of our language and our heart, God, to be among your loved ones and to be able to see the jemal. Have a good Friday…

– May your hearts be filled with creeds, and your soul with peace. Good luck to all of us. Neither the bonds established nor the friends are forgotten. Have a Holly Friday.

– May my Lord not deprive him of His consent from the service door, the smell of Heaven from the eyes of Mercy.

– Mawlana says; If you do not have a good heart to pray, ask prayers from good-hearted people. Have a good Friday!

– My Lord, from those who pray you today, from those who are always thankful, from those who know how to love, and from those who visit in the Lord Heaven! Have a good Friday.

– My God! You put beads of hope on the rosary of my heart. I say AFF with every draw and take refuge in your Mercy. You are forgiving, you like to forgive. AFF Eyle us too! Good Friday with Prayer…

– May the friday of Friday be filled with your mercy, your abundance in your home, our light, our warmth, and the warmth in our home. Have a Holly Friday..

– O God! How can we reach the morning as we arrived in the evening and as we arrived in the morning? Protect our health and heal patients. I wish you good luck friday.

Some believers long for heaven. There are some believers that Paradise waits for them with longing. Good Friday, with the prayer of being one of the believers that Heaven awaits.

– I take refuge in the diseases of God, adult, arrogance and who says what. How to spend this beautiful Friday in love and affection for your sake. Amine. May our Friday be blessed.

– Let the beauties enlighten you, and your smile will not decrease from your face and heart. May my lord behave from his beloved servants and of course us. I wish you a good Friday.

– O my Lord, spread the scent of Heaven to us and grant your blessings. Don’t let us know the smell of fire. Amen, I wish you a good Friday.

– If it turns out to be a wound in your heart, the Creator transforms it one day, if you know how to be patient; Tare you not to fall from the wound. Raise your head to the sky, open your hands to the sky. If you know how to ask, he will answer the prayer. May our Friday be blessed.

– On Friday, the most precious of the days is the feast of the Muslims. It is more precious than the other feast days.

– 62: 9 – O believers! When you are called for prayer on Friday, try to remember Allah, stop shopping. If you know, this is better for you.

– Those who believe in the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful, when they call for prayer on Friday, immediately try to chant Allah and stop shopping. If you know, this is better for you. (FROM SATURDAY / 9)

– Our holy prayers and blessings are accepted. Greetings to you, the most beautiful. May Allah accept your Friday and be blessed…

– My Lord, do not forget us from the forgetful servants, don’t forget from the servants who remember the tare, our great Lord, make us from the servants who always remember you.

On Fridays, there is a moment when prayer will be accepted. May the day of Friday is more precious than the night. May Allah accept our prayers and prayers.

– Let our hearts be believed, our hearts are set, our language is Kur ”mother, our ears are ezana, our eyes are nura, and our house is peaceful and cheerful. Amine. Have a good Friday.

– There is faith where the possibilities end, no matter how big your problem is ”there is a great God. Have a good Friday.

Killing the soul is a greater murder than killing the body. Have a good Friday…

– I hope that my Lord will help our nafs with ‘celali’, ‘heart’, ‘jemal’, ‘life’ with ‘wisdom’, ‘mistakes’ with ‘mercy’, and ‘Mahdi’ with mahtar. Have a good Friday.

– I hope that all the prayers that pass through your heart will come out of your tongue as an amen. Good Friday … Mevlana says; If you do not have a beautiful heart to pray, ask prayers from good-hearted people. Have a good Friday…

– If there is sincerity in your prayer and faith, the Troubles intend to be sincere and go.

– Human; It is the yearning of the past, the longing of the future, the complaint of the moment it lives … May Allah make us thankful, not those who complain about us. Have a good Friday…

– May the entire Islamic world be blessed. Thank God and my Lord, who is the womb of the womb. May our Prophet (S.A.V) come from his light and his intercession.

– Language in the language is not enough to explain, the pen has stopped because of shame, and whatever we do, the defect is not over; Once we are subjected to a rebellion, save us, O Lord … May your Friday good and blessed …


On Friday, birds and wild animals call each other, “Hi, it’s Friday.” (Deylemi)

Friday is atonement for the sins committed until the next Friday and in three extra days. Because a good deeds are given ten times good deeds. (Taberani)

The day of the four nights is as virtuous as the night. Allah Almighty does not reject the wish of the prayer in those days, forgive them and they
These days, they get plenty of rewards. These are: Kadir night, Arefe night, Berat night, Friday night and days.


Honorable Muslims!

The disease, from mild to severe, is one of the test of the world. Many diseases have been treated with the help of Allah and the diligent research of people throughout the history. Coronavirus, which is spread all over the world today, will also be healed. As a matter of fact, as the Messenger of Allah commanded, “Allah has definitely healed every illness he has sent down.” What falls on us is not to give up the precaution to avoid illness.

Saint Believers!

To be protected from this epidemic, let’s pay attention to body, clothing, food and environmental cleaning first. Let’s ventilate the environment we are in frequently. Let’s close our mouth with disposable wipes or the inside of our elbow when we cough or sneeze. Let’s try to stay away from crowded environments.

In particular, let’s keep the areas where hand contact is intense, such as sinks, ablutions, door handles and table tops clean. Let’s wash our hands with more soap and rub than ever before. Let’s not touch our mouth, nose and eyes with our dirty hands. Instead of using common rosaries in our mosques, let’s say our rosaries with our fingers or our personal rosaries.

If we have returned from abroad, let’s take care not to leave our home for fourteen days. Let’s make sure that those who return from Umrah pay attention to this issue and do not accept visitors.

Precious Muslims!

We are a friendly and friendly nation. We enjoy, shake and embrace with our friends and friends. Of course, these behaviors are very beautiful and valuable. However, it is the requirement of responsibility and precaution to interrupt such practices in this period when infectious diseases are common. Let’s interrupt the practice of prayer after prayer, which is especially common in our mosques. Let us ask each other for a heart salute from a certain distance without shaking hands.

Those over a certain age are more affected by coronavirus and are in the risk group. Therefore, these days, our elderly should rest at home and stay away from crowded environments.

Dear Believers!

Health is entrusted to us by our Lord. It is up to the believer to take care of this trust and make an effort to protect it. In this way, we get peace with the help of God. We cure our troubles and heal our illnesses. As a matter of fact, in the Quran, Hz. Abraham (pbuh) describes our Lord as follows: “He who created me and showed me the right way. He is the one who feeds me and makes me drink. It is He who heals me when I get sick. It is He who will kill me and then resurrect me. ”

So let’s be cautious to protect our own health and those around us in the face of the epidemic we are experiencing. Otherwise, let’s not forget that we will endanger the health of others as well as our own health, and this will be the right of the servant.
Of course, our Lord has an appreciation. What belongs to the believer is to take precautions. Believer is mild and balanced in every way. It is our duty to fight this epidemic without underestimating the issue, exaggerating and panicking, with calmness, using our intelligence and knowledge.