Turkey : Geographic Information Systems Law Proposal passed through the Assembly

According to the national geographical data sharing matrix, sharing, access and use among public institutions and organizations will be free.

50 percent of the collected amounts related to the release of properties and real estate to be taken under the Law on Land Production and Evaluation will be recorded in the general budget and 50 percent will be transferred to the Directorate of Housing Development until the end of the month following the collection.

Urban design projects can be prepared together with the implementation development plans.

Building heights will not be freely determined in the zoning plans.

The metropolitan municipal council will decide whether the places that have turned into a neighborhood due to the metropolitan municipality borders being the provincial borders and whose population is below 5 thousand continue to have a rural settlement feature.

In the residences whose value is between 5 million and 7.5 million lira, 3 per thousand for the part exceeding 5 million lira; In residences whose value is between 7.5 million and 10 million liras, 7,500 TL for 7.5 million liras, 6 per thousand for the part exceeding 7.5 million liras; In houses with a value of more than 10 million liras, 22 thousand 500 liras for 10 million liras, and 10 per thousand taxation will be made for more. The liability for valuable housing tax will be effective from the beginning of 2020. The liability for valuable housing tax will start from the beginning of 2021.

In areas where the coasts are sandy or pebble, recreational pier can not be constructed for activities such as swimming, sunbathing, amateur water sports. However, in cases where the shore has rocky character or it is pebble, it is not possible to benefit from this area in any other way and it is possible to construct a recreational pier that does not exceed three meters in width and does not have a platform. (IHA)