Turkey : ‘Gezi’ discussion between AKP and CHP deputies

The General Assembly of the Parliament convened in the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, Levent Gök. The ‘Gezi trial’, which was seen today, came to the agenda.

Speaking about the Gezi trial, CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Altay said:

* Seen in Silivri and ‘Trip Parks’ actions ‘attempt to eliminate the crime of the Republic of Turkey government’ that qualifies as a case was bound to finally decide. As a result, the defendants were acquitted of all discharged crimes. The only defendant, arrested, was released to Osman Kavala.

* Even if it is said that ‘delayed justice is not justice’, I would like to express our satisfaction as CHP due to the fact that justice is manifested even if it is late. It turned out that this case was a fake case and indictment, such as ‘Sledgehammer, Ergenekon’ cases.

The World Gezi Park announced its caseThe World Gezi Park announced its case


Speaking about the decision of the Gezi trial, AKP Group Deputy Chairman Mehmet Muş stated that they respect the decision of the court and said:

* We learned that the defendants related to the Gezi case were acquitted. We respect every decision of the court, we have mentioned this before. But here is what we need to consider; These defendants may have been acquitted by the court, but our view of this issue is that if you claim a right to seek rights, you will not reverse the vehicles there.

* It is not a right-seeking method to burn and even destroy the simiter’s counter, to distribute them, to hang the rags of terrorist organizations on the roof of the AKM. Therefore, Gezi is Vandalism in our view and in our evaluations. In that respect, we respect the court’s decision, but this is our view of the Gezi protests.

Speaking on this, Altay said that he understood the words of Muş as “I respected the decision, but the decision was not in my mind”.

Speaking again on the words of Altay, Muş said, “You look at Gezi in another way, and we see it as ‘Vandalism’. How long has it been the liberty of right to cover their faces, remove the paving stones and turn the citizen’s shop into a toilet. What kind of a right-seeking method is the hanging of a tent there or the rags of the terrorist organization on the AKM for ten days. Moreover, the court said, “There is no such crime.”

Other lawmakers also joined the debate that began mutually between Muş and CHP Altay. (DHA)

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