Turkey : Gezi, “politics” public resources – Sözcü Newspaper

In the Gezi case, the acquittal was a surprise for everyone and every segment. Although the result is pleasing for those who believe in the legitimacy and legitimacy of this resistance, it does not change the fact that the decision has a political character just like the opening of the case.

Many years after the Gezi Case and Gezi “Proofs” how to open it with unfair detention and isnads? “need” If it is the result of the conjuncture, instead of the conviction implied by this trial, the decision of acquittal that stunned everyone should be related to another kind of political need conjuncture.

Gezi resistance was a massive version of a democratic objection that was found in the Constitution. That objection was the pressure of power on everyday life, the dictation of conservatism by the state, raging rent appetite, pillage. Looking from the other lens of the kaleidoscope, Gezi was the sound of a free and equal country. For this reason, young people were disconnected from life.

One of the prominent dimensions of the acquittal in the Gezi case; justice, equality, democracy is the reminder of continuing the struggle for those who want it.


At a time when news of poverty suicide comes from all corners of the country, the government does not give up its policy of transferring public resources to closed capital groups with high price closed tenders.

The latest examples of this policy, whose bill is getting worse every day, were exhibited in two Public Housing Administration (TOKİ) tenders. TOKİ, the previous day (on February 17), tender the construction work of 678 houses in Malatya-Battalgazi by negotiation. In this tender, where seven companies were invited, we learned that the approximate cost was determined as 216 million 478 thousand TL.

The lowest bid in the tender 187 million TL and REC International Construction company and TOKI will sign the contract with this company.

Let us recall that REC International Construction, which is part of the Renaissance Group, is the contractor of the Beştepe Complex, the Presidential Okluk Summer Campus, which started without a tender, the new campus named Kale, which is under construction with a religious ceremony.


TOKI organized the second largest tender for the residences to be built in Elazig Central District on the same day. Of course, in this tender, which was negotiated again, an approximate cost of 207 million TL was determined for 781 housing construction and infrastructure / landscaping work. The most appropriate bid in the tender sent to six companies 186.4 Egemen İnşaat-Dost İnşaat partnership with TL million.

Here is a remarkable detail: The tender given by the Renaissance for 678 houses in Malatya is 187 million and the tender given by Elazig for 186.4 million TL for 781 houses. In other words, while the number of houses in one is more than 100, the offers are almost the same.

I’m sure you agree with me. The public is not harmed in any way…