Turkey : Grasshopper description: There is no such thing as ‘They are coming will destroy us’

Professor at the Faculty of Science and Letters, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Ordu University. Dr. Hasan Sevgili stated that grasshoppers occasionally show up in dense populations in different countries, while the last grasshopper invasion is very common in the eastern parts of Africa, Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, northern parts of Iraq and the Pakistan-India border regions.

Noting that the desert grasshoppers were seen intensely 3 years ago, there are also 150 million grasshoppers in 1 square kilometer. Dr. Dear said:

* These are called desert grasshoppers. When they are in close contact with each other, they quickly complete the plants in their area and migrate to other regions collectively.

* They feed on plants in every area they land, destroy them, mate in that area, reproduce and go to another area. They pose a huge problem for agricultural areas. It creates a famine.

* These locusts, which were seen in this period in 2020, had great problems especially in areas such as East Africa, parts of Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan.


“Desert locusts did come to Turkey?” Responding to the question, Dear, he continued as follows:

* They came from time to time, but I don’t think there is a big danger for the species there. Unlike the desert grasshopper, there are some species of grasshoppers that live in our country.

* When they reproduce too much in our country from time to time, they do some damage even if they are local. Some grasshopper species caused serious damage in local areas last year and in different regions of Şanlıurfa. Desert locusts did come to Turkey? I do not think that they can come to Turkey.

* More reproduction, circulation areas are more active in the southern parts of Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Arabia, and the reproduction areas are those regions. But the wind and other factors, global warming, if it affects the Turkey due to climate change may affect only places like Southeastern Anatolia Region.


The desert locust is also important to leave the soil in the form of eggs to come to Turkey, explaining that farmers still need stimulation in this regard, Prof. Dr. Hasan Sevgili finished his words as follows:

* Since they leave their eggs to a certain type of soil structure, to the regions with desert character, appropriate soil structure and climate conditions are also required. Grasshoppers can lay eggs, but their offspring may not be able to hatch.

For this reason, it is necessary to take into consideration and watch and warn the farmers. There is no such thing as, “ They are coming, they will destroy us. ” What we need to pay attention to is that there are some potentially threatening species that exist in our own country, we need to check them. (DHA)