Turkey : Has the list of pandemic hospitals been announced? What does Pandemic mean?

The epidemic of the corona virus, which affects the entire world and causes thousands of deaths, was declared as ‘Pandemic’ by the World Health Organization (DSU) in the past weeks. Citizens began to wonder about pandemic hospitals due to the corona virus cases in our country. Here is the announcement issued by the Ministry of Health about pandemic hospitals…


According to the letter sent by the Ministry of Health to 81 provincial health directorates related to pandemic hospitals,

Coronary virus disease (COVID-19) due to a new subtype emerging in the People’s Republic of China and reported from various countries creates public health threats for the whole world and is closely monitored by our Ministry. In our country, necessary precautions are taken by considering the recommendations of the World Health Organization. In order to prevent the spread of the disease in our country, the Scientific Board meets regularly and makes evaluations on the subject. Although measures are taken in many areas, in order to minimize the density both in patients and their relatives and in health institutions, and to reduce the burden on our health personnel,
The following measures were needed:

1. Admission and treatment processes of patients applying to health institutions are carried out by Ministry of Health hospitals, State and Foundation University hospitals and all private health institutions until the diagnosis of COVID-19 is confirmed.

2. Hospitals where there are at least two specialists of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, Chest Diseases, Internal Medicine specialists, and are considered to be Pandemic Hospital **.

* During Pandemic, Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, Internal Diseases or Chest Diseases Specialist can be met by assigning from another hospital.
** Pandemi Hospital: It is defined as the hospital where the treatment process of cases diagnosed with COVID-19 (test positive) was made.

3. According to the Pandemic Action Plan prepared by the General Directorate of Public Health within the hospital, the Pandemic General Coordination Team should be established.

4. In pandemic hospitals; A clinic and an intensive care unit dedicated to pandemic patients should be identified and booked for these cases. In case of increasing number of cases, the order in which other intensive care units and services will be separated should be determined. There are patients who have started treatment and need to continue; The beds in oncology-hematology and radiation oncology clinics, organ transplant clinics and bone marrow transplant centers will continue to be used as normally as possible.

5. It should be determined in which service and intensive care units that patients will be followed, except for patients diagnosed with COVID-19 in pandemic hospitals.

6. In places where pandemic hospitals are inadequate, hospitals with 2nd stage adult intensive care units should also be organized to serve as a pandemic hospital.

7. The route to clinic and intensive care beds reserved for pandemic patients is determined and necessary measures are taken on this route.

8. The names and titles of the personnel who will work in the pandemic hospitals, both in the clinic and operating rooms and delivery rooms, are determined in the form of shifts.

9. In the pandemic hospitals, 1 operating room where COVID-19 infected cases can be operated, and 1 delivery room where infected pregnant women can give birth in hospitals with gynecology and obstetrics clinics should be determined and kept as reserved.

10. The chief physician / responsible manager of the pandemic hospital is fully empowered to use clinical beds, intensive care units, the operating room and assign staff, without disrupting the normal functioning.

11. Provincial Health Directors are fully empowered to change the location of necessary personnel in all health facilities within the province.

12. Provincial / district hospitals that do not have a pandemic hospital to which patients diagnosed with COVID-19 apply, should take the necessary measures to the hospital determined in the referral algorithm of these patients. The dispatch of patients is coordinated by 112 Command and Control Centers inside or outside the province. In order to show the necessary sensitivity regarding the above mentioned issues by performing the necessary works and procedures, the hospitals affiliated with our Ministry, State / Foundation University hospitals and all private health institutions; I kindly request and request that your information and business be announced to all relevant health institutions and organizations in your city. Prof. dr. Ahmet TEKİN Minister a. General manager


Hospitals with at least two of the infectious diseases and clinical microbiology, thoracic diseases, internal medicine specialists physicians and third level adult intensive care beds are considered as pandemics, which is a hospital for combating epidemic diseases with a wide area effect.


Until the corona diagnosis of patients applying to health institutions is definite, acceptance and treatment processes are mandatory by Ministry of Health hospitals, state and foundation hospitals and all private health institutions. All state and foundation hospitals that provide the necessary conditions to fight epidemic diseases are considered as pandemic hospitals.


Pandemics or pandemic diseases are the general names given to epidemics (epidemics) that spread and spread over a wide area such as a continent or even the entire surface of the world.


The name given to contagious diseases that threaten a large number of people simultaneously in the world.

Differences between common deadly diseases and pandemics

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) definition, a pandemic is considered to have started only when it meets the following three conditions:

The emergence of a disease that the population has not previously been exposed to,
-The cause of the disease is transmitted to people and causes a dangerous disease,
-The spread of disease factor easily and continuously among people,

A disease or medical condition can not only be described as a pandemic because it is common and leads to the death of a large number of people, it must also be contagious. For example, although cancer is a disease that causes many deaths in humans, it is not called as pandemic because it is not contagious. (It should be remembered that some types of cancer can be caused by infectious agents).

Frightening increase in the number of cases! Here is the current number of cases in corona virus and the latest situation in the countries!Frightening increase in the number of cases! Here is the current number of cases in corona virus and the latest situation in the countries!

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