Turkey : Hay prices twist our waist – News

Saygı Öztürk said, “The issue was the same years ago. Now it is months. Animal producers, feeders fiyatları Feed, straw prices twist our waist. The livestock is over, ‘he complained. The villagers always said the same things. ”

Enjoying sledding in Çıldır Lake


Saygı Öztürk said, “We fell on the roads in the black winter. We came back with unforgettable memories from Ardahan, Çıldır, Hanak and Göle. Hacettepe University retired Faculty Member Prof.Dr. Yusuf Bayraktar built two stone mansions right next to his village, which is legendary. We stayed in the stone mansion and ate geese, hengel (ravioli), goose meat hengel, meat roasting, kete, kashar ”.

Saygı Öztürk visited Kars with former deputy of CHP Ardahan Ensar Öğüt.