Turkey : He did not obey the ban and went out, trapped in the nursery

The incident occurred in the nursery of the Forestry Directorate located in Akdeğirmen District around 09.00.

Halil Beşiktepe, who left in the morning to get water from his home, lost his way and entered the nursery of the Forestry Directorate. Beşiktepe, who could not leave the garden surrounded by wire fences, asked for help from the people around him.

The old man was taken into the police car and taken to his home. Photo: DHA

Police teams, who came upon the notice of those who saw the situation, took Beşiktepe out of the nursery and put it in the police car and took it to his house. Delivered to his family, Beşiktepe thanked the police. (DHA)

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