Turkey : He regained health with the liver donated from TRNC

Liver tissue from donated organs of the person whose brain death occurred in TRNC was brought by Isparta Süleyman Demirel University (SDU) organ transplant team with the Ministry of Health and Turkish Air Force organization. SDU Organ Transplant Center Responsible Specialist Assoc. Dr. A liver transplant was made to Nazmiye Kınay, who was living in Isparta, with the operation performed by the team headed by Zafer Sabuncuoğlu. The patient was discharged after 3 weeks of treatment.


SDU Organ Transplant Center Manager Dr. Altuğ Şenol said, “The only chance of our patient, who was diagnosed with cirrhosis of liver failure and whose condition worsened, was to find a suitable liver. Long waiting lists due to the lack of organ donation in our country pushed the search for live donors, but no suitable donors were found. At this time, the organ donation came from Cyprus and was transferred to our patient with the successful operation of our team, it was a new life, a new hope for the patient. ”


Stating that they had a successful operation, Assoc. Dr. Zafer Sabuncuoğlu stated that Kınay, who was treated for liver failure, could have had this surgery thanks to organ donation. Emphasizing that the operation and treatment process continues under normal conditions, Assoc. Dr. Sabuncuoğlu said, “After transplantation, the liver was functionally immediately activated and met the body’s metabolic needs. After 3 weeks of daily follow-up and examinations, we discharged Kınay. After that, the treatment at home, which is now the second stage, will continue in our follow-up and will reach its old health day by day. ”


Nazmiye Kınay, who regained his health, said, “Thank you to all of our teachers who carried out the operation, thank God for the donors. I am grateful to the person who donated his organs and his family. They brought a furnace back to life, not a person. I conveyed these thoughts to family members. I can’t thank them enough. ” DHA