Turkey : He warned the drifting driver; Terrified

The incident occurred in Sultangazi İsmetpaşa Mahallesi at 00.30 on Sunday last week. According to the allegation, Yilmaz Yilmaz (24) saw a car driver from the opposite direction drifting on Ordu Street while going home with his father’s car after leaving the hairdresser.

Yilmaz reacted to the vehicle driver and said, “Are you going to kill us?” Upon this, the driver who got out of the vehicle attacked Yılmaz. Soon, approximately 30 people, who are thought to be friends of the driver, came to the scene and attacked Yılmaz and the vehicle he was using.

Trying to protect himself, Yılmaz also called 155 Police Emergency Line and asked for help. Some of the driver and attackers were caught and detained in a short time. It was learned that the vehicle driver had many records from the drug.


Yılmaz Yılmaz, who described the horror moments he experienced, described the event as follows;

“I got out of the barber. I was going home with my father’s car. An oncoming car on Ordu Street pulled the handbrake. He turned the car as it was. I threw myself to the right at the last minute. The front side will explode if I don’t pay attention to anything, maybe we will die there.

Then I made a selector, stopped her friend. I said to him, “What are you doing? Will you kill us?” It is obvious that he was imprisoned. His eyes were turned. He started a melee there. Within 5-10 seconds, these became 25-30 people.

On the one hand, I’m struggling with them. On the one hand, I’m looking for 155. 5 minutes later, the police came, but 25-30 people attacked our vehicle before. They threw the flagstone. They tried to get into the car. I try to get away from there by car as soon as possible.

They took the key on the ignition so that I wouldn’t go there. They were all blind. I was also battered. I hit my nose. We went to the hospital and got a battering report. I was at the station until that night. ” (DHA)