Turkey : He was caught between two trucks, he died tremendously

The accident occurred in the direction of Büyükçekmece D-100 Highway TÜYAP location in the direction of Edirne. Allegedly, the driver of the truck with 34 PK 0717 plates pulled the vehicle to the safety lane due to a malfunction and waited.

Meanwhile, with his 34 KF 8394 plate motorcycle, Hüseyin Karabalık broke the steering wheel to avoid hitting the TIR waiting in front of him while driving along the safety lane.

The motorcycle, in which the driver lost control of the steering, was caught between the truck with 41 UP 697 plates advancing in the right lane and the truck waiting in the safety lane.


Drivers who saw the incident reported the situation to 112 emergency medical teams. The medical teams who arrived at the scene determined that Hüseyin Karabalik died. The lifeless body of the motorcycle rider was removed to the morgue of Beylikdüzü State Hospital.

Drivers of the trucks involved in the accident were taken to the police station for their statements. D-100 Highway, which was completely closed for the removal of TIRs, returned to normal with the removal of TIRs.

It was learned that Hüseyin Karabalik, who lost his life, was a motorcycle mechanic, he was a motorcycle mechanic, and he bought the motorcycle to repair it. DHA