Turkey : He watched the movie ‘Yağmur Adam’, noticed his son’s illness

Semih Yıldırım, 28, could use words like other children until the age of 2. The Yıldırım family, who did not notice any abnormality in their reactions until that age, began to hesitate when Semih’s speech stopped.

The father İbrahim Yıldırım, who reconciled with the movie ‘Rain Man’, starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, with whom he watched the change in his child, realized that his son may also be autistic. The family, who applied to several doctors, faced the truth when Semih was 2 years old. Stating that they linked their sons who were diagnosed with autism to life through special training, father İbrahim Yıldırım said, “We always played ball to Semih. While playing in the garden in front of the house, he finally met basketball. We started going to matches together. We watch the matches he loves without missing. “He doesn’t like to chat, but he has come to life with sports.”

The young man with autism began to socialize with his special training, as well as get rid of his repetitive behaviors.


Father İbrahim Yıldırım, who said that his son started writing by holding the pen at the age of 3, said, “He did all this without going to school. There are no spelling mistakes. When her younger brother started grade 3, we started her from grade 3 as she knew how to write Semih. He was very cute and when one of his friends said he was getting scissors, he had to take it because the lessons were so boiling. We have continued there for 5 years, but nothing has happened beyond that. ”


Stating that there is no special educational institution for children with autism, Yıldırım said, “When they have autism, they look at the child differently. A private school for autism is still missing in this country. We have special education. ”


Prof. Dr. of İstanbul Kent University Disabled Studies Application and Research Center. Dr. Dilara Özer pointed out that physical education and sports are not included in the structure of special education services in our country.

Dilara Özer said, “Special education studies are mostly focused on children’s behavioral management, self-care skills, cognitive development and language development. The inadequacies of the motor skills of children such as running, jumping, catching and jumping are not noticed, ”he added.

“It doesn’t matter how he displays these skills, how competent he has these skills. However, children with insufficient skills face the risk of exclusion and lack of self-confidence by their peers. These situations can cause the child to stay away from physical activity for life and cause him to miss many learning and socializing opportunities. ”

Underlining that programs to improve children’s motor skills support the development of the child in all areas. Dr. Dilara Özer said, “In fact, it empowers the child psychologically. The self-confidence of the child, who is mastered in skills such as running, jumping, bouncing, and increasing ball control, develops, and the interest of the child, who develops self-confidence, is directed towards the external environment. This increases opportunities to interact with peers and participate in games. However, the developments caused by mastering motor skills are not limited to these. ”


Stating that recent studies have shown that motor skill teaching is a very effective method for developing many behaviors of children with autism. Dr. Dilara Özer said, “In our studies, we observe a decrease in some obsessive behaviors of children with autism such as swinging and clapping. We also see significant improvements in the child’s attention span, eye contact and communication skills. ”


“Sports is a very useful activity for everyone, but the benefit is much greater for children with autism,” said Özer.

“While developing motor skills, he said that it is possible to develop many academic concepts such as color, number and shape, cognitive characteristics such as taking instructions, attention, obeying rules, social skills such as thanks, greeting and working together. Sports is an activity that children love, have fun and enjoy. Children learn in a fun environment using all their senses and bodies. For this reason, children’s gains are much more permanent and increase children’s participation in society ” (DHA)

'If the parents are older, the risk of autism increases in the child'‘If the parents are older, the risk of autism increases in the child’