Turkey : Health screening for those coming from Umrah – Health breaking news

During the night of Istanbul Airport, there was a high density due to the return of Umrah who were in holy land. In this context, a reinforcement medical team and 16 ambulances were available to the airport. While Umrah people were entering the country by scanning with thermal cameras, no negativity was found.


Turkish passengers from Umrah said that after getting off the plane, they were screened by health teams and asked several questions. Hakan Tansu, who came from Umrah, said, “We were not controlled at the airport there. After coming here, we went through a health screening. There is no problem. Travels to Saudi Arabia are canceled but there is no problem in coming here. ” Sedat Canbaz, one of the passengers, said, “We also learned that Umrah flights were canceled in Medina. After arriving at Istanbul Airport, we were checked here. Here we were checked with a device. They asked if we had some troubles. They asked if we had a cough with our fever. ”


After returning from Umrah, coronavirus was not observed in the patient who applied to Çukurova University Balcalı Training and Research Hospital due to cough and upper respiratory tract infection.

The patient, whose name was not revealed after returning from Saudi Arabia after performing Umrah worship from Saudi Arabia on Thursday, February 27, was treated in an isolated room in the infection service for suspected cough and upper respiratory tract. Following the examinations performed on the patient, no new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) was reported. On social media, it was noted that the information that the hospital was quarantined and that the emergency room was closed was unfounded. (DHA)