Turkey : Here are the major earthquakes in Elazig and its surroundings so far!

Chamber of Mechanical Engineers report released by the earthquakes in the past year of the room, between the years 1900-2009 223 major earthquake occurred in Turkey.

According to official data, 86,000 people died in these earthquakes, 549,000 ruined or severely damaged houses were identified.

The biggest two of these earthquakes in terms of both life loss and heavily damaged buildings are the 1939 Erzincan earthquake and the 1999 Gölcük-based Marmara earthquake.

In the Erzincan earthquake, 116 thousand 720 buildings were severely damaged and 32 thousand 962 citizens lost their lives. In the 1999 Marmara earthquake, 376 thousand 479 houses and workplaces were damaged, 112 thousand 724 of which were ruined and severely damaged, and according to official figures, 17 thousand 408 and / or 17 thousand 480 citizens lost their lives.


It is an earthquake that occurred in 2011 in the center of Van’s Tabanlı district. About two weeks after this earthquake, a Van-Edremit-based earthquake was felt in Van and its districts, just like the vanguard earthquake.

In these two earthquakes, nearly 700 people died and about 2,000 people were injured.

7.1 in 1874 in the nearby settlements in Elazig; 6.7 in 1875; 6.8 in 1905; 5.0 in 1910; 5.1 in 1977; recently, 5,7 on July 13, 2003; 5.3 on August 11, 2004; 5.2 on November 26, 2005; 5.0 on February 9, 2007; On March 8, 2010, 6.1 and 24 June 2011 5.4 earthquakes occurred. Thousands of citizens died in these earthquakes.

Rescue work after the earthquake in Elazig is on camera!Rescue work after the earthquake in Elazig is on camera! Last minute ... 14 people died in the Elazig earthquake!Last minute … 14 people died in the Elazig earthquake!