Turkey : Horror on the July 15 Martyrs Bridge!

The incident occurred on the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge in the direction of the Anatolian Side around 07.00. Arriving on the bridge by car Mehmet Keles, stopped a vehicle after a motorcycle crashed from behind. Getting off the car, Keleş rushed down the bridge railing and threw himself down.

Upon notification, the police came to the scene and came across a woman’s body that was stabbed to death as she turned to the car to check. In the examinations made, the corpse Ece Alça It was determined to belong to the woman. The body of Mehmet Keleş, who was determined to have killed Ece Alça, who was alleged to be his girlfriend, by knife, appeared in the offshore of Üsküdar.

While the injured motorcycle driver was taken to the hospital, the crime scene investigation teams put the vehicle in the tow truck and took it to the Public Security Branch Directorate. The police’s multi-faceted investigation into the incident continues. (DHA)