Turkey : How are the gold prices? March 26 gram and quarter gold prices…

The sharp rise in gold prices yesterday left its place to decline today, albeit limited. The gram gold, which broke its historical record with the level of 340 TL it saw yesterday, is now 335 TL. Ounce of gold stands at $ 1,620. So, does the rise in gold continue? Here are the gold prices on March 26…


Quarter gold: 521,42 Turkish Lira

Half a gold: 1.041,44 Turkish Lira

Gram gold: 333.80 Pounds

Republic Ata Lira: 2.142,00 Turkish Lira


Gedik Investment Assistant Manager of Algorithmic Operations Gizmen Nalbantlı also made a statement about the matter to sozcu.com.tr.

Nalbantlı said that yesterday, gold and spot market saw very uncommon movements in the gold and spot market. With this movement, which occurred with the disappearance of physical transfer, the spot market rose to 1.630 ounce gold. ” said.

“I EXPECT 355-360 IN GRAM”

Saying that Gram gold is 340 TL, Nalbantlı said, “It is difficult to say something technically in such a hard move. But in general, 305-310 zones per gram are suitable for intake. I’m waiting 355-360 up. On the ounce side, the $ 1,450 zone looks like strong support. 1.740 and 1.790 can be seen above. ” found in the description.