Turkey : How much was the dollar? (3/16/2020)

While the Corona virus outbreak is shaking the world, the extraordinary steps of central banks continue to reduce the panic observed in global markets. The dollar / TL is moving at 6.31 levels as of 07.12. Kur fluctuated in the range of 6.28-6.34 at night.

The Euro / TL exchange rate is moving at 67.02 as of 07.12.

Last week, the BIST 100 index in Borsa Istanbul dropped sharply from 109 thousand to 95 thousand.


The Federal Reserve of the USA (FED) once again decided to cut the extraordinary interest rate and reduced the funding rate by 100 basis points to 0-0.25. The bank, which has decided to expand $ 700 billion in monetary expansion, also opened a swap (swap) gate with other central banks.

While futures indices are opened with a decline in the US stock markets, it is observed that after the FED decision, panic increased instead of decreasing.

While the number of cases outside China exceeds the number of cases in China, a critical week is entering for both the epidemic and the global economy.

Flash interest discount from Fed!Flash interest discount from Fed!