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With the decision taken by the Ministry of National Education (MEB), distance education starts with the trainings to be published on TRT-EBA TV and Education Information Network (EBA) starting from 23 March. With this decision taken within the scope of Corona virus measures, millions of students will continue their education by taking their education remotely. So how will distance education be? How will the lessons be taught? Here are all the details about distance education.


For the first lesson, the Minister of National Education Selçuk, who came across the camera in TRT Ankara Oran studios, gave an invitation message to the screen with the statement he made after the shootings.

stating that all the world like Turkey is also going through a difficult process of Selcuk, he used the following phrases:

* Education is also a part of this process. As the Ministry of Education, because we have to stay at home, nasıl how do we continue education at home? ‘ We searched for the answer to the question.

* We already have works from the past. In line with these studies, in cooperation with TRT nasıl how can we reveal distance education? we thought. Hundreds of our volunteer teachers and hundreds of technicians have set their hearts on this process.

* They made an effort to implement distance education. As a ministry, our main goal is not to carry out many activities carried out in schools in the same way, of course.

* Our main goal is that our children do not leave education, and that they do not cool down from their schools, classes and lessons.


Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk used the following expressions by sharing the channels where the education will be given from his social media account:

* Our classes at TRT EBA TV start on Monday, March 23 at 09:00.
EBA TV Primary School
EBA TV Secondary School
All details about EBA TV High School Curriculum at http://eba.gov.tr
Our frequency information and encrypted broadcast platform channel order are in the visual



Distance education will be held on TRT-EBA TV. Within the scope of the distance education program to be held under the name of ‘EBA TV’ channel, the courses will start at 09.00 in the morning and last for 20 minutes.

1. How many channels does EBA TV broadcast?

It broadcasts from 6 different channels, 3 different channels, HD and SD.

2. Which channels are there?

EBA TV Elementary TV, EBA TV Secondary School and EBA TV High School are used in distance education.

3. Where can I access EBA TV television channels broadcast streams?

Broadcast streams can be accessed daily and weekly streams from the eba.gov.tr ​​homepage and TRT website. Also, it can be viewed on the television screen after the broadcast ends every evening and until the morning starts broadcasting.

4. Will the students be at the TV all day long?

By following the broadcast flow through EBA TV and eba.gov.tr, students will learn the lectures belonging to their classes, the day and time of that week, and they will follow the broadcast in the time interval determined for them. They won’t have to be at the screen outside those hours.

5. Will there be replays of EBA TV broadcasts?

Broadcasts will be repeated on the same channel and 1 or 2 times a day. Recurrent broadcast stream can also be learned from eba.gov.tr ​​and TRT websites. In addition, records of the content published on eba.gov.tr ​​can be accessed.

6. Which teachers are telling the lesson?

Successful teachers in the field chosen by the Ministry of National Education are telling them through lecture videos.

EBA TV curriculum has been published! Here EBA TV satellite frequency information…EBA TV curriculum has been published! Here EBA TV satellite frequency information… How to get EBA password? Will the EBA password come to the parents' mobile phone?How to get EBA password? Will the EBA password come to the parents’ mobile phone?