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The first meeting of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Council’s March meetings was held in the Assembly Hall in the Saraçhane building. At the meeting, a joint statement was read, which was condemned the treacherous attack in Idlib. Statements used by group deputies during their speeches on the attack in Idlib caused tension.


During the session held in the parliament hall equipped with Turkish flags, the National Anthem was read after the Idlib martyrs were held.

Then, the speeches of the group vice presidents of the political parties on the agenda were started. Statements used by group deputies during their speeches on the treacherous attack in Idlib caused tension.

İbrahim Özkan, Deputy Chairman of the IYI Party Group, criticized the government’s Syrian policy and said:

* For the sake of a correct political purpose, it is a state that this nation has been able to do forever and forever, not to leave the blood of the martyrs on the ground.

* However, the issue that upset us and worries us is that we still cannot understand what the rulers want to do.

* Current power; The cost of these daily political maneuvers and zigzags, which could be a part of another alliance the next day, friendly with the United States, one day with Russia for the continuation and survival of its power, returns to our nation only as news of martyrs.


AKP Group Deputy Chairman Mehmet Tevfik Göksu both criticized Özkan and reacted to the words of President and AKP President Erdogan at a press conference held by CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Özkoç. Göksu, in his speech, argued that those who asked “What are you doing in Idlib in Syria?” Are “traitors”.

Göksu said:

* CHP Group Vice President, who reveals that these lands are not closely related to the spirit and values ​​of the lands, has been a great struggle for independence and future for our country, and that he actually defines himself for our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; I repeat those ugly expressions again and again in this assembly.

* The behavior of this low-level person, who took the words used by our President when talking about those who betrayed our country without name, is the result of a psychology that stands up when he says “traitor”.



Göksu also reacted to İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu’s assessment of “banditry” for the allocation of the building belonging to IMM to Beyoğlu Municipality.

Defending İmamoğlu’s anger control problem, Göksu said, “He cannot control his anger especially in cases where he is wrong. There is a ‘mental’ and ‘moral’ problem in this attitude. “It is a manifestation of the understanding of democracy that it is unjustly and unkindly accused of bandit and extortion.”

During the speech of Göksu, the assembly of verbal taunts stretched. Councilors stood up and walked over each other. The discussion ended after continuing for a while. Göksu read 10 continents of the National Anthem in his speech. Meanwhile, all councilors stood up one by one and always accompanied the starter.


Speaking with CHP Group Spokesperson Tarık Balyalı, İBB 1st Assembly Deputy Speaker Zeynel Abidin accused the School of not acting neutrally, saying, “You condone the insults and block those who defend. You manage the assembly like a militant. There was a stronger debate in this council in the past. We have not accused the AKP Deputy Presidents who run the assembly. Because they tried to be fair. You allow the assembly to be provoked, ”he said.

The school also says, “If you cannot threaten a Speaker of the Assembly. This is your personal opinion. You have no doubt that I will act with precision. ” paid off.


İbrahim Özkan, who is a good party, reacted to the accusation of “treason” and again, will we hear the accusation of “Homeland treason” from those who removed the “Flag” poem, “Our Andi” from the school books? Are we going to hear about the ones who started the Oslo process and set up a court in Habur? Be a little bit vertebrate. It is neither your right nor your right to accuse us of treachery ”.

He returned from Idlib, died in an accidentHe returned from Idlib, died in an accident


Doğan Subaşı, CHP Group Vice President, spoke on the discussions and used the following statements:

* Together we have shown how martyrs are not remembered here.

* A parliamentary group vice-president called his “political traitor” to his political opponent.

* Who is called a traitor? The soldier who draws a gun is called a traitor.

* Those who speak of their political opponents as traitors are called traitors.

* AKP Group Vice President talks about imperialism.

* It was not our grandparents who fled the country on a British ship.

* The people you follow as the founding leader of our party made a death decision.

Subaşı, CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Özkoç said, “Your President says whatever comes to his mouth. Özkoç returned the same. This issue should be discussed in Ankara, let’s look at our own agenda. ”


Subaşı commented on the criticism of İmamoğlu’s “banditry” and said, “Ekrem President did not say anything about anyone’s person. He judged a move, a verb. When we say “traitor” to us, it is not insulted when we say “banditry”. What regret is this? ” gave the answer.


There was also a debate on “nationalism” in the parliament.

CHP Group Spokesperson Tarık Balyalı said, “Who loves his hometown and how much is not true. But we are the children of Mustafa Kemal. We are not grandchildren of Vahdettin. ”

The 1st Deputy Speaker of the Parliament School said, “Let me say something above parties: I am also the grandson of Vahdettin. It was a difficult time, it is necessary to take care of all of them. ”

Göksu said, “Istanbul is the work of an ancestral that you reject your past. I did not call anyone a traitor. When you say a sentence about treason, look at where the sound is. “It should come from the Assad positions where Mehmetçi missiles are coming from, while it comes from here.”

Subaşı also told the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, “Vahdettin has a signature under Mustafa Kemal’s execution decision. How can you be the child of both Vahdettin and Mustafa Kemal? ” he asked.

The school said, “I protect all my ancestors. They struggled in different conditions at different times ”.

Flash Idlib agreement description from RussiaFlash Idlib agreement description from Russia