Turkey : Idlib veteran: We fight there with seven heifers

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş visited the contracted Specialist Sergeant Semih Sercan, who was injured in the leg after the artillery shot of the regime elements in Idlib and returned to Bursa on March 2, together with the AKP Bursa Provincial President Ayhan Salman.

Kahraman Gazi, 24, who tried to overcome the shock of the incident that was accompanied by his friend, Mustafa Muhammed Ak, with the morale of his mother and siblings, explained the situation in the region to President Aktaş.



Stating that the regime’s elements were harassment shots during the incident and that he was a mortar, Semih Sercan stated that he left the position with his friend Mustafa Muhammed Ak, who was martyred in the incident to respond:

* I’m a aviator. When there were harassment shots, we left the area to patch the mortar. We made a shot. We encountered this event on my second shot. As we were shooting, it was already falling to our relatives.

* The period in which I have been together for two years was martyred by me. We have set up a line in front of the regime for security purposes there. We always go to bed and get up. We are living in a kind of Çanakkale time there.

* The regime cannot be so powerful. It is not possible for Assad to be so strong. There are more than 3500 losses now. This is a big loss. Our revenge is necessarily taken, our blood is not on the ground, but there are soldiers from many states against Assad now. We are fighting there with seven heifers, not Assad.



The hero gazi, who gave a clear answer to those who said “What are we doing in Syria?” As a person who fought there and became a veteran personally, continued his statement as follows:

* That’s where we need to be. We should never get out of those lands. Considering that these have reached our Hatay border, Hatay has a strategic importance. When they conquer Hatay, they have the opportunity to reach all of Anatolia.

* We stand upright, even a call to prayer is enough for us. 1000 of them are not worth one of us, but if one of us is hurt, 1000 of them are hurt. My friend who was a martyr was like a cengaver. He would never leave me, always with me.

* Since we shot a mortar, ours saw a new fall of ammunition. After the shot, the lieutenant would have reported on the radio: ‘You have 5 health carcasses, children.’ Mustafa would be proud and proud of me when he heard these radio talks.



Alinur Aktaş, the Metropolitan Mayor of Bursa AKP, stated that all soldiers who became martyrs in the defense of their homeland were the pride of the country and said, “You are the pride of our country. May my Lord give you healing by his shafi name. Thank God. Martyrdom is a great honor, honor, but veteran is a great honor. You tasted it. As Metropolitan, our friends do what they need, but if there is an extra need, we will definitely know. ” Mayor Aktaş also gave a gift to Gazi Semih Sercan’s young nephews.

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