Turkey : If Atatürk had lived, would Martyrs’ Hill be empty in the Syrian crisis? – Sözcü Newspaper

You don’t even know your own past. You say that the founder of this party is Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. What was Gazi Mustafa Kemal saying; “I order you to die …”

You are unaware of the past of your own party. We will continue to struggle from now on, Mr. Kemal. You don’t know martyrdom! You don’t understand martyrdom! You don’t have that faith! ”

He said that President Erdogan said:I promise my whole nation from here. The hill of martyrs will remain empty under the rule of the nation alliance. None of our soldiers’ nails will be damaged. Shame on our soldiers, is it not a sin? I quoted CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu from his reply.


Let me state right away, Gazi Mustafa Kemal While he was ordering, he was at the front of his soldiers at the front. In other words, he made these remarks not in a meeting in Ankara, but while fighting shoulder to shoulder with imperialism against Mehmetçik, while making one of the greatest homeland defenses in history.

The entire order was as follows:

“I am not ordering you to attack. I order to die. Other forces and commanders can take our place in time until we die! .. ”

If you pay attention “Until you die” doesn’t say, “Until we die ” says.

In other words, he is primarily a martyr! ..


In addition, there is nothing similar to what happened in Syria today, with the memorable command genius and heroism that Atatürk exhibited in Çanakkale and other fronts.

Because Atatürk had only fought in the lands of the homeland to lose imperialism and gain independence from his nation.

There is a huge difference! ..


Ataturk “War is murder if not vital” He had an understanding.

As a matter of fact, he managed to include Hatay in his homeland without fighting.


If Ataturk was alive, believe that imperialism would certainly not take part in this war.

For this reason, Russia could not have landed in the Mediterranean so strongly and could not settle in Syria.

Imperialism could not reach the stage of establishing the PKK / PYD / YPG garrison state in Syrian territory.

– Terrorists in our borders could not throw javelin, ISISists who cut people in the middle of the street could not turn our boundaries into kevse and recruit militants in our lands …

Since the beginning of the crisis, the Mehmetçikler, whose number we have forgotten, have not been martyred, hundreds of innocent people have not lost their lives in terrorist attacks caused by the Syrian crisis.

– Our country wouldn’t be flocked to millions of immigrants…

– does not come under the heavy load can not move until our economy, Turkey, the case would not be exceeded because immigrants live in very difficult social problems …

– We would not break with all our neighbors…


Turkey, citizens they live in peace and trust, equitable share of their national income, education and secular countries such as the Middle East would be the shining star of the high level of prosperity.

Peace at home, as the principle of peace in the world will be implemented, Martyrs’ Hill would also be empty! ..