Turkey : ‘If it goes like this, curfew may come’

Professor Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan said the following in his statement on Kanal 7 screens:

CONTROL DIFFICULT: It is not possible for us to control this business if everyone does not enter their home in the next week, and continues to contact people.


DECISIONABLE: The only way to prevent the spread of the virus is to shut everyone down. It is not easy to make a curfew decision for countries. All of them had to bring it. If it goes like this, we may have to make the same decision.

IF CASE IS SPREADED: The situation will be difficult if the cases spread to all provinces. Such a benefit could be the explanation of the provinces. If the cases are only in certain provinces, quarantine can be applied and entry and exit can be stopped.

They left the bazaar, they ran to the beaches


Corona virus struggle with the scope of “stay at home” when making calls, Turkey’s most risky provinces in terms of citizens epidemic was still living in his house in Istanbul.

Maybe those who knew the sunny weather did not go to shopping malls, but flocked to the beaches, fished, picnics, and sat on benches. Vehicle traffic occurred due to citizens flocking to the beach. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the ban on picnics and barbecues in forests, parks and beaches did not comply.

Those who did not know it, flocked to the beaches collectively, taking advantage of the sunny weather. After the crowd formed on the beach, the police and the police announced, and the picnickers got up from the benches and gazebos after the warnings. In Sarıyer, he warned the people who set up tables and played okey to go to their homes by passing the police identity check.