Turkey : If our workforce is gone, Turkish industry ends

Germany, which has the largest economy in Europe, will enter into force on 1 March, the ‘Qualified Workforce Migration Law’, which is prepared on the grounds that the qualified labor shortage will threaten economic growth and that this deficit cannot be closed only within the European Union countries. The law aims to accelerate and facilitate the arrival of skilled labor from outside the EU in Germany. The law will provide exemptions and language employment visas. This law, which would be in great danger of skilled labor force grows in Turkey, emphasizing the CHP Istanbul deputy and Parliamentary EU Adjustment Commission for free Karabatı Labor and Industry Ministry he said that measures should take and said: “Migration most Turks are looking hot. In my meetings with the organized industrialists in Gebze and Kocaeli, 60 thousand trained, well-trained technicians and qualified staff say that they can migrate to Germany with attractive opportunities. With this law, the young and well-trained workforce draws to Germany. One of the most basic needs of the industry shortage of trained specialists in Turkey. If no action is taken, our workforce goes away and the Turkish industry comes to a halt. ”

Turkey must return the process to the European Union

Turkish companies primarily brought on the agenda that Germany to apply a secret embargo of the EU countries Karabatı gave the following information: “German companies are slowly withdrawing from Turkey to Turkish companies ‘If you invest in EU countries, we continue to receive from you the product’ they say. Turkish companies are also investing in countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Poland. It goes so far that the organized industrial zone in Bulgaria is currently being established by our investors. There is a secret and actual embargo from the European Union countries. This means capital transfer and is very dangerous. Turkey, the European Union must return to the process. He must turn his face from the Middle East and return to Europe. ”