Turkey : Information came from the US child abuser caught in Istanbul

The operation was carried out by the teams of the Department of Combating Cyber ​​Crime under the Istanbul Police Department. The information that mobilized the police came from the US-based NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children). In the sent document, information was provided about a number of “child with sexual content” photos shared via WhatsApp.

The cyber police, who took action with the arrival of the document, carried out an operation at the address of the suspect in Pendik, which he identified. The suspect, whose name was determined to be Mücahit K., aged 29, was detained.


It was also understood that the suspect, who was taken to the police, was scammed under the name of “Psychic”. Police teams found many amulets in the dominant house. It was understood that Mujahid K., who had a preliminary examination of the digital seized in his house, had a conversation with many people about magic and psychic. In the Whatsapp messages, it was determined that the suspect, who was found to cast “Love bindings” spells, sent amulets and feathers with cargo, and received 200 liras in return.


In the researches carried out on the suspect’s digital images, many sexual abuse child abuse photographs, including children under 5 years old, were captured. It was learned that the suspect collected images from different people and shared them with different people.

In the phone and computer pre-records of Mücahit K., sexual conversations with children were also captured through a game. Among those correspondences, it was stated that there were instructions for children to take photos and images with sexual content.

So-called magic papers from the pervert wizard’s house. Photo: Spokesperson


It has been suggested that the suspect, who sends materials that will increase their effectiveness in the game, to the children with whom he speaks through a popular strategy-war game played with the participation of many people over the Internet, demands sexual videos and photos.


It was learned that the suspect, whose statement was taken in the police, earned money through psychic and magic. In his interrogation, it was learned that he said that he had not left the house since the age of 13, but ordered the products he needed over the internet.

Claiming that he hasn’t left home for 16 years, the pervert earns money by writing amulets and spells on the internet. Photo: Spokesperson


He was arrested by the judicial authorities, where he was transferred after the suspect’s proceedings were completed.


Suspects targeting children said, “Did your parents sleep?” “Is there anyone besides?” the questions they asked were worried. Expressing that children are targeted especially when they are alone, experts emphasized that children should not be left alone in the use of phones or computers.


Experts, who state that there are restrictions on phones with some programs, suggest that restrictions should be imposed on young children if there is a chat feature in the games that are subscribed on the internet network. However, it is strongly recommended that children using the internet be supervised.


The US-based NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) collects shared sexual data about children. NCMEC, which receives child abuse information and photos from the US-based Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and other social media and messaging programs, shares this information unconditionally with all relevant countries according to the data source. The United States, which only shares unconditionally on child abuse, informs the countries concerned if the citizens who are involved in these crimes and who have been released due to expiration go abroad.