Turkey : Information from Turkey … 5 giant operations in the country! Record amount seized

It turned out that the process that resulted in operations in 5 countries for poison traders started with a raid carried out by Istanbul police last year.

According to the information obtained, teams of the Department of Combating Narcotics Crimes affiliated with the Istanbul Police seized 55 kilos of heroin in the raid on drug traffickers in Esenyurt on 8 March 2019. 1 suspect was caught in the raid.


After the operation, police teams continued their work. Seven more suspects were caught. In several days of research, target of the poison traffickers in much larger quantities of drugs to Europe via Turkey was determined to take that. However, it was understood that the drug network gave up this with the capture of 55 pounds of heroin.


Tracking leave the police, the drug network from Afghanistan plans to poison international transportation to Europe via Iran, Turkey was determined that orientation to risk seeing the Northern Black Sea route.

Thereupon, the Department of Narcotics Department made attempts to coordinate with the narcotic units in the drug route and in the countries where the drug is targeted to be sold.


Last year, 703 pounds of heroin were seized in Germany and 171 pounds of heroin in the Netherlands, by conveying the information provided by the Istanbul police. Later, as a result of joint studies with the Dutch police, 1 ton 105 kg of heroin was seized in Kazakhstan 6 months ago.


In the information given by the Turkish police to the countries targeted by the network, the method of poison traders carrying drugs has been shared. In the information given, it was announced that the suspects staged drugs into wooden boards, marble materials and chocolate boxes.


The results of the information provided by the Istanbul police continued to work together. Last Sunday, it became apparent that the network was staging drugs in a warehouse in Poland. 350 pounds of heroin were reached in the raid organized to the address.

A simultaneous raid with the Netherlands

Following the operation in Poland, the Netherlands and was organized simultaneous raids in Turkey for smashing the network. By Istanbul police; 7 suspects were detained in the raid held in Mardin, Mersin and Istanbul. In the raid organized by the Dutch police, a person wanted from murder was caught with 4 suspects.


Dr. Heroin was first employed by a German pharmaceutical company. It was synthesized by Felix Hoffman in 1887. Heroin, which Hoffman acquired from the derivative of morphine, began to be sold legally in pharmacies in those years. Approximately 15 years later, it was understood that heroin was addicted and caused a process that led people to death. For this reason, the German pharmaceutical company stopped production. Heroes were banned in international meetings. Heroin, the raw material of which is opium gum obtained from poppy, continued to be produced in our country for a long time despite the prohibitions. Three heroin factories in Istanbul continued to work until 1932. Later, the prohibition of heroin was carried out gradually.


The production of poppy, which is the raw material of heroin, was also restricted over time. Today, the biggest source of ‘poppy’ produced for heroin is known as Afghanistan. According to the United Nations (UN) Reports, it shows that opium production increased by 40 percent in 2016 and 63 percent in 2017. It is noted that with the opium amount produced in 328 thousand hectares in 2017, 550 and 900 thousand tons of heroin can be produced.