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iPhone 11

With features different from all iPhone models ever designed iPhone 11 smartphones stand out with their superior features. Although it has similar features with other series in points such as design, hardware, camera and charging capacity, there are also the points where it leaves. Designed by closely following technological advances and innovative studies, models are presented to iPhone enthusiasts, equipped with features developed by Apple. User-friendly models feature all the functions consumers expect from a smartphone. Models with the most up-to-date processors are also suitable for long-term use with their charging capacity. You can listen to music from your smartphone during the day, or watch TV series or movies. Separated from other series at screen resolution and camera angle points iPhone 11 series allows you to capture the most beautiful selfies and unique natural landscapes effortlessly. Models with different storage areas create an alternative for users. You can choose from models with this different internal memory depending on the size of the games and applications you want to use. Technological features such as Face ID are among the prominent features of the models. Face ID, one of the safest facial recognition systems, is among the features that are loved by users because they do not store and share their personal data and photos. This new series of iPhone smartphones, reaching millions of users around the world, has gained the appreciation of users. Started on September 10, 2019 11 Turkey iPhone Smartphones, which have received full marks by technology enthusiasts after their sales, are distinguished from their equivalents with their superior features.

iPhone 11 Features

You can see the traces of Apple’s own technologies on iPhone 11 smartphones that meet all expectations of technology lovers with their technical features and functional functions. Features such as screen size, design features, hardware, camera, processor, storage space and charging capacity are presented to users in different ways in this series as well. iPhone 11 features It is possible to say that one of the most striking points is the design and screen size. The iPhone 11 models, which are similar in design to the previous series, have a 6.1-inch screen size. One of the most important innovations of the models where the front notch is protected is the dual cameras used at the back. Volume on / off buttons and power button are designed as in other models. Models using Liquid Retina LCD technology offer users the most realistic images. You can watch all images in the clearest way in models designed as full screen. IPhone 11 smartphones with LCD Multi-Touch screens are offered to users with a resolution of 828 X 1792 pixels. You can watch popular series and movies in a much more enjoyable way with full images and high resolution on 6.1 inch screens. The models that draw attention with their superior hardware features include different processor and chip sets from other series. Apple generally updates its processors in all new series. This update shows itself as A13 Bionic on iPhone 11 models. The 6-core processor operates at 2.66 GHz, allowing even high-quality games and applications to open without problems. 64 GB in models with varying storage space, iPhone 11 128 GB and 256 GB of internal memory alternatives. Models with a capacity of 4 GB of RAM are ahead of other series with this feature. Users who want to run high-dimensional applications on their smartphones are usually iPhone 11 256 GB prefers models. The models with varying camera features include double rear cameras instead of single ones. 12-megapixel cameras, one wide-angle and the other ultra-wide-angle, can zoom up to 5x. With models using True Tone Flash technology, you can effortlessly achieve image stabilization. Long charging life and full capacity of charging wirelessly are among the prominent features of iPhone 11 models.

iPhone 11 features

iPhone 11 Deals

The iPhone 11 price range, which is determined in accordance with Apple’s standards, varies according to some points. Storage is the leading reason for the price difference that enables smart phones to address different budgets. iPhone 11 is an alternative to technology lovers with its 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB internal memory spaces. 256 GB smart phones suitable for users who want to benefit from very high size games and applications and 64 GB models with standard storage are offered to users at different prices. Storage space is diversified according to the applications users use during the day. Only those who want to control their social media accounts and e-mails and those who want to play high-dimensional games can choose from models with different storage areas. All-day battery life is also one of the factors that influence prices. The combination of hardware and software helps to get maximum efficiency from the batteries. Models that can be charged quickly and wirelessly have 3.110 mAh charge capacity. Models that can be charged wirelessly with 18W powered adapters can be charged approximately 50% in 30 minutes. Unlike other series, the use of dual cameras on the back of the phones is among the reasons for the prices to change. Dual 12-megapixel cameras have both wide and ultra-wide angles. The ultra-wide camera also shows what’s out of the frame and helps you capture the entire landscape. With cameras that offer a new perspective, you can capture your most special moments with the most beautiful details. Models that can shoot 60 frames and 4K video as well as photos provide the clearest images. With the ultra wide-angle cameras, you can fit an area about 4 times wider on the screen. All these factors are taken into account when determining iPhone 11 prices.

iPhone 11 prices

What to Consider When Buying an iPhone 11

Users can experience instability in the selection of iPhone 11 models, which have superior functional and technical features. The changing features of the models are among the important points to be considered in the decision making process. Features such as storage space, colors, camera features, resolution are among the most important factors for users. iPhone 11 review and comments will also make your decision making process easier. Internal memory is one of the factors that users must consider when choosing a smartphone. Apple offers different storage alternatives in the iPhone 11 series. You can take into account your needs when choosing among models offered with different internal memory, 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. If you only use your smartphones during the day to control your social media accounts, listen to music and watch TV series, take photos or play small games, 64 GB of internal memory will suffice. For much higher size games and applications, more storage is needed. For this reason, you can download the desired applications to your smartphone by choosing 128 GB or 256 GB models. Colors are also among the points that users pay attention to. You can consider your style when choosing models offered in 6 different color alternatives. The models, prepared in purple, yellow, green, black, white and red, create a fun and stylish look. If you are still confused when choosing models with superior features, iPhone 11 reviews and user experiences. You can review the models offered with Teknosa assurance and appropriate payment terms on Teknosa.com and buy them immediately.