Turkey : Iranian family’s corona nightmare has ended

Iranian Pahram and Melihe Koştinetikhoşa couple settled in Alanya 1.5 years ago. In the residence permit granted to settled foreigners, when the citizens were obliged to acquire property, the couple decided to sell their property in their country and buy a house from Alanya. On 9 February, when the husband and wife were the buyers of their real estate in Iran, he entrusted their daughter with blood disease Soruşa to the piano teacher Iranian musician Siyaveş Shahani and his wife Esin İpekoğlu Shahani and went to their country for 3 days.

However, the couple, who planned to return on February 12, were quarantined in Iran for 14 days on the grounds that they came from abroad. After the expiry of the quarantine period, Turkey has closed border crossings between the two countries. The couple were not allowed to enter Turkey.


The monthly treatment of Koştinetikhoşa for the investigation could not be done because the parents did not have a permit. The Shahani couple, who knocked on all the doors for the treatment of the little girl, asked the authorities for help either to send Soruşa to her family or to take the parents to the dormitory.

Asking for help from President Erdoğan and Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Soruşa Koştinetikhoşa said: “Uncle Tayyip, Uncle Mevlüt, please bring me to my family. I miss my family very much. My older brother died before, and I have discomfort. Please bring my family to me or send me there. ”


Minister Çavuşoğlu stepped in upon a call for assistance from Küçük Soruşa. After the official procedures, yesterday, the Migration Administration officials took Soruşa from the music trainer Shahani and exited the Esendere Border Gate in Hakkari and handed it over to the family waiting for 40 days. (DHA)