Turkey : It was not enough paid we borrowed 3.8 million

While the public could not verify the waist due to the high bills coming to natural gas, Başkentgaz General Manager Asım Yüksel received ‘debt’ information for card natural gas subscribers. General Manager Yüksel said that approximately 200 thousand subscribers who use the natural gas they received after the hike have borrowed 3.8 million TL to Başkentgaz.

Asim Yuksel


Baskentgaz Director General made an assessment on the increase in recent years of complaints about card counters Yuksel, natural gas close to 17 million subscribers in Turkey reported that 700 thousand of card counters use. Explaining that as natural gas distribution company they buy the gas directly from BOTAŞ and deliver it to the public, since they do not have storage facilities, they have to reflect the hikes coming to the natural gas directly to the prices, therefore, it is both the legal basis and the obligation to reflect the hike to the citizens who install natural gas before the hike. told.
Otherwise, Yüksel pointed out that all the burden of pre-bought natural gas remained to the distributor companies, adding that they made an additional difference of 12.7 million TL subscribers due to hikes in the past year and made a return of 21.2 million TL due to the 10 percent discount made in January last year. Yüksel stated that they paid the debt to BOTAŞ in advance, but they could not collect the amount of 3.8 million lira because they did not load 200 thousand subscribers to their cards, and these subscribers would give 3.8 million lira less gas in their first gas filling.
Yuksel, Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş reminded that the card counter subscribers filed a lawsuit to prevent the subsequent hike, “If the regulation is canceled, the hikes coming to the natural gas will remain on us.”

PHOTO: Spokesperson


Başkentgaz General Manager Asım Yüksel reminded us of the remarkable natural gas bills: “We, as a company, are intermediaries. We take the gas from one place and deliver it to another place. We do not set prices. Naturally, gas bills rose when the supplier’s gas price increased. ” Yüksel added to the question that some low-income citizens had to switch to alternative energies such as electricity and coal due to the high bills, saying, “There are around 200 thousand subscribers per year due to moving in Ankara. However, the number and subscribers of the subscribers do not decrease, but they are increasing. Our records do not confirm the information that the public leaves natural gas. Alternative energy sources are not cheap, unfortunately? Natural gas is currently the cheapest and most comfortable energy source. ”